Monday, November 17, 2008

|Important Agent Orange web sites to share.

I have a friend named Shelia who is very active in educating people about the terrible stuff spread over South East Asia by our own Gov't, [and or course VIETNAM] called, AGENT ORANGE, a herbicide/ defoliant that has caused many birth defects but also severe and deadly health problems for our U.S. combat Veterans [and their families] that served in Vietnam. Our Gov't and the VA has continued to cover this up for the past 37 years and still denies Vietnam Vets' claims, and their affected families their just due!
Please read and share with EVERY BODY! THANKS.

The past week or two have been pretty busy & I'm not sure if I have given enough praise to two people that have been very supportive & dear friends. Rick Shuster & Steve Hay- Chapman. Both of these guys do outstanding work when it comes to helping take care of our Veterans. Please take a few minutes out of your day to visit the links that I have included & see what kind of folks they are & what they do.

Hugz, Shelia

"Patches" Walk For Vietnam Veterans Victims Of Agent Orange

Reno Veterans Guest House welcomes 10,000th guest

Community gathers to honor veterans

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