Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No Help for Veterans on Veterans' Day.

Well, here is another disappointment today as my medications didn't fly because it is a HOLIDAY-- Veterans' Day... Ha! Go figure-- the VA staff has the day off, even the Pharmacy so they can party hardy, but the true disabled Veterans that they are supposed to serve and take care of may be high and dry for their medications and services! From what I understand, even the detainees at Gitmo have better care than we disabled Vets... Ha! But in the 30 plus years dealing with the VA-- this is par for the course.

NEVER: Schedule a doctor visit the last day before a holiday! Their minds will NOT BE ON YOU...lol.

ALWAYS: call up and double check that your meds are actually in the mail-- do not expect the VA to be on time or do their own jobs with you holding their hand.

ALWAYS: Take a friend or your spouse with you to a doctor visit or service at the VA-- I have people try to lie out of something they said AND ABUSE ME if I was there alone, and 2 witnesses will stand up in court. And have your friend, spouse always bring a pen and paper with them to record stuff. Confucius say: short pencil better than long memory.

ALWAYS: Bring a written list of things that you want to discuss with your doctor or Nurse Practitioner so you don't forget, and get their business card and/ or EXTENSION number written down! With out that Ext. # you will NEVER get them on the phone and the VA round around [good old boys game] will run you ragged until you just quit and give up.

Call the local Radio and TV stations in your area when you have something serious to address, like when the lazy hospital staff in Milwaukee take up parking places saved ONLY FOR THE DISABLED. Write their tag and report it. I have seem [ever time I go there!] poor old, disabled, crippled men [mostly] who have to walk many long distances just to get to the door.

Unfortunately, I had an authorize, legitimate SCRIPT from my own private specialist doctor that for many reasons [COPD - lungs, severe arthritis in knees and back,etc] I NEEDED A POWER SCOOTER, but the crooked VA staff determined after an exam that I just needed "reconditioning." Their only solution for obesity is a gut re-section-- serious dangerous surgery!! They want to "replace" my knees too.... Ha!

Well, this is all I have time for today -- sorry if I am a bit grumpy.

Please follow my dear friend, Dirk's fine helpful example, and I fully intend to send out more letters to my Senators, etc., to get some relief and satisfaction. I have access to many Vet orgs and disabled Vets all over the USA, and their stories are much the same as mine.. or worse!

If you want to remember the Veterans or help them when they need it, DO SOMETHING NOW! Any kind of letter [and I have learned to send it Certified or Registered Mail-- {as they tend to get "lost}...lol] will put the Gov't in a listening mode, and they know that they can and will get voted out next time... if the world lasts that long.

Thank you.


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