Tuesday, November 4, 2008

|Peace of Mind, no matter what comes down the pike.

Just a quick note... The new Prez of the USA will prob be surprised at the enormity of world wide problems and challenges. Even 'all the kings horses and all the king's men will NOT be able to put Humpty Dumpy back together again..'

America has made it's choice-- weather to get back with God and hold fast to our freedoms of the 1 st and 2nd Amendments, etc --- or let it all hang out and do your own thing, party down, depend on Gov't entitlements, hand out and big time DEBT to China, etc. America now has the green light to get into gross immorality, the Gay agenda, homo-marriages, big time abortions and the plurality of the Congress to push darn near anything thru in the whims of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

All those who voted to save some modicum of morality and decency in the U.S. should have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE ! We should well know and understand that a "Nation" has a societal, community RESPONSIBILITY culpability to the Father for whom they vote for. If a candidate stands and promotes abortion-- and we vote for him-- WE ARE AS GUILTY AS HE IS !!

Well, life will go on for now, and tomorrow all the people in the U.S will want their bacon and eggs with buttered rye toast in the morning. We will all want to use some toilet paper, hot water, gasoline, etc. Life will go on-- until the next big calamity/ disaster, war, conflict, and then let's see how things go...

For those of us who are true Christian believers in the bible and God Almighty-- we can rest assured that our Lord will hear our prayers and protect us. "Life is a Mist" ~James 4:14. -- And Heaven is our Home.

Peace and spiritual prosperity to all believers-- and I pray that all combat Vet's come to know this joy and happiness too, because they are some of my finest, fav. heroes!


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tsalagiman1 said...

Hi Tom,
I fully agree here. I was thinking last night about Obama being in favor of a divided Jerusalem & giving the PLO/PA all the land they want for their homeland. Obama kept it quiet, but it leaked out through the Israel News Service. Anyway, Obama won't know what to do, if he is successful in pressuring Israel into giving up their land, when the Palestinians refuse it. It won't be in the script. He has shown his ineptness at foreign policy already.

Your concerns are the same as mine - 1st & 2nd Amendment rights. I think 1st Amendment rights will be under continual attack, especially for Christians.

People will realize too late that these entitlements they want, free healthcare, free this, free that, has to be paid for, & their taxes go way up to pay for it.

Appears to be a repeat of the Carter Administration. We all know what the result of that was.

One last thing - you're exactly right about the responsibility for abortion. Anyone voting for Obama or anyone who approves of it will share the blood of the murdered innocents. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.