Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some Help for Psoriasis Sufferers.

I hope I won't get into trouble for taking the liberty of posting this info from a web site that I belong to... but I feel that it's just too good NOT to share with others.

Tom >>>

Five things work for me...none are a cure in themselves but together
I can get 80-90% clearing and sometimes 100%...and I've had psoriasis
for over 20 years...

1)Using ointments... the best for me is dovonex, a synthetic form of
vitamin a topical ointment

2) the biggest single factor for me: diet. psoriasis very well may be
caused for some people by intestinal hyperpermeability which can be
treated somewhat (for me) by avoding high sugars, fermented foods
(wine, tempeh, yeasted breads), and dairy products (cheese) are the
bad ones for me.

3) warm ocean water is excellent for psoriasis, try salt baths,
you'll see tons of anecdotal evidence on the benefits of salt water...

4) sunshine, and humid air

5) behavioral, stress related things, for me too much time on the
computer and driving irritates my psoriasis.

but the big two for me are watching my diet and using dovonex and
moisturizers. the dovonex usually kicks in after about 1 month of side effects either.

--- In PsorChat@yahoogroup, Thomas Schuckman
> And isn't it a shame that the TV commercials and 'drug stores' all
feed on us and take our money on false pretenses and false
advertisements! And most so-called meds that I have heard of cause
bad side effects. I have heard that eating fresh foods without added
coloring, additives have helped people I know. But all that stuff/
food and home preparation costs money and time too.
> Suffice it to say, after researching the FDA and Big Pharma...
that they don't want to find a cure-- they just want to continue
to 'TREAT US' and rake in that almighty dollar.
> Tom S
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