Monday, November 17, 2008

'There is a Floozy in Every Flock'

Hi Folks!
Another great chilly but sunny, Fall day in S.E. WI, and a gift from God-- to get some last minute things done before the big snows come. I got my wife's Dodge Caravan oil changed and all the fluid levels topped off, then visited a good buddy who has a strong back, named Willie. Since he doesn't drive [somewhat disabled] I took him to get his paycheck and he cashed it and we just drove around town doing a few errands and talked. I am very blessed to have a few good, close friends... but they all live about 22 miles away. My neck and top vertebrae were hurting and messed up big time and I showed him how to do a 'deep tissue' massage to loosen up the taunt muscles and take the tension, stress and strain off them. He did a great job and I felt most of the pain and tension melt away! After we got done at the Kenosha YMCA I dropped him off at his home and I went home with my groceries and lunch so my wife and I could eat something.

A young but wise pastor once told me that there is "a floozy in every flock", and after listening to Charles F. Stanley and other great bible fundamentalists, I have a more mature, realistic attitude/ outlook about life in general and the 'Christian church.' BTW, America is not a Christian country anymore. Just because a person professes to be a 'Christian' and goes to church doesn't make it so --anymore than 'standing in a garage makes you a car or a' They may put on their 'Sunday smile' and 'talk a good game' -- but do they 'walk the walk ??' Maybe they appear to be a 'saintly' holy Joe, who never farts or says a wrong word and always has a saintly smile no matter what happens.
I am comparing them to the real Christian church people who are very human, mortal, sinners who bleed red, get hurt physically and emotionally -- but love and worship God Almighty and 'kiss the Son, and study the bible regularly' Or just maybe the good folks don't have a church [remember the word church means, congregation, not a building] near by to attend and associate with folks of like bible faith.

I am having a challenge describing two faced whores, loose women and trouble-makers, lying gossipers who float and gloat and bloat from church to church taking advantage of people. begging, wrangling and stirring up gossip and trouble, manipulating the church members. They are parasites who twist the scriptures and trap soft-hearted, lonely men into doing things for them and also temping those men into immorality, etc. Now we know that all humans are IMPERFECT SINNERS who will continue sinning until they [we] get to heaven and Jesus forgives those honest, repentant people. I am not talking about them. I am referring to those who KNOW what is right and wrong and PURPOSELY chose to lead others into sin and USE them!

Well, I have a good friend who loves to help others move, do hard chores, he is very generous with his limited food and money-- but he is lonely and is easily sucked into 'friendly relationships' --although NOT sexual-- with many wayward women who love to use him. I just hate to see younger guys get taken advantage of, "used" and then when they are all used up or they see finally 'see the tramps for what they are' --break off the 'relationship'... the women threaten to hurt him either legally or whatever. When I was younger I made the same mistakes and learned things the hard way.
I am NOT a women -hater. I try to love and honor good, solid Christian ladies and support them if I can... but I am a married man and I know my place.

Perhaps, since the book of Matt. says, "broad and spacious is the path leading to everlasting destruction -- but cramped and narrow is the path leading to ever lasting life [Jesus' words]" I am not my brother or sisters' judge, but with all my experiences and long, active life, I can pretty well discern if a person is 'plastic', false, dishonest, counterfeit. I have also recently learned NOT to argue with a food... lol. The tricky part is how to go about telling a friend to BEWARE [!]... and do it the scriptural, right way. Older men and women are supposed to help, council the younger ones and perhaps save them the heart break, sorrow and sins that we had to experienced in past life. Just my personal input today.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and encouraged!

From my friend, Carolyn's Blog:
Hi everyone- sorry about not visiting much lately. I've been so busy, and needed a bit of a break. I'm still not quite up and ready, but have posted a new message which I hope will inform you as much as it has me! For those who have wondered my take on all things Russian, this is basically what I have been thinking of, even though it is a study by Jack Kelly. God Bless and come on by for part 1 of The Ezekiel Factor!

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Sue said...

Great entry Soldier! It's so nice to read something "real" from someone who isn't arrogant and conceded. I have met women who do what you talked about, and they aren't even worth me commenting on. Thanks also Tom for supporting my son with notes and emails, just when he needs it the most.

Sue :)