Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Midnight Thoughts-- all alone tonight.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

It always bothered me even as a child attending a parochial school in Milwaukee, when some one with the power and where-with-all, just sits back to let evil and crime go it's course without lifting a finger to help. Perhaps I am too emotional, too aggressive and too impulsive. And that has landed me in deep doo a few times... but God still loves me, and I am very sure that He uses people with strength and the power to get things done. Strict upbringing at home and the Army gave me more ability and courage/ training to take the "offensive." I think that the old 'division' mindset of 'clergy and laity' is incorrect. Yes, God appoints leaders in the Christian congregation, deacons, elders and the pastor, but all members should have a good working knowledge of the bible so that they can effectively 'defend the Faith.' I am too tired now to cite and type scriptures tonight [maybe latter], but I know I am right.

What I am getting at is, we, collectively, allowed our Faith to be high jacked by wolves [and cowards just let things go by like a dead fish.. lol] who have let the World's fleshly, immoral "values" affect our collective judgment. Some fundamental churches still cling to the real bible-- the most accurate text, Praise the Lord! But just look what has happened to some churches/ organizations/ Evangelicals who have embraced and acquiesced the sodomite, immorality, abortion, same sex marriage agendas!! Just because it's common place and accepted by Hollywood, immoral celebrities, the Gov't liberal immoral laws , doesn't make it right. God does NOT change! His [more than 300 listed in Exodus Chapter 20 !] original laws, statutes, commandments and promised blessings are still binding! Hello. 'God is not one to be mocked.'

I was living in a world of sin until God tapped on my head and humbled me with many blows. I didn't "get it" right away... lol. How hard I worked at many places/ jobs all my life to "get ahead and accumulate riches, properties and pretty machines" but it was just a rat race or a dog chasing his tail, with [example] slot machines [one armed bandits] and it seems to me that the world and Gov't are much like a gambling parlor. You just can't win against the 'House' because those gambling machines are rigged! But if you do have the right CPA to help you find legal loop holes to make you 'solvent' or even wealthy-- even so, all of us will eventually get sick, injured and die after 70-80 years on Earth, and those last years prob won't give you true "Quality of Life." So then what? Do we just die like animals and cease to exist? [Ezekiel 18:4] Answer: NO. We shall live forever-- in one of two places... and 'God cannot lie.' [Titus 1:2]

Most guys that I knew and worked with including me had the mindset that we would work hard [and smart] all our working life, save money, invest, buy property, so that we could take it easy after we retire, right? Well, if we were not smart enough to see it coming-- this past October 2008 was a rude awakening for us! But, it's not just the economy, it's a flood of different big disasters and chaos, major hits on the economy that are hitting us left and right right between the eyes. We have big time corruption in our Gov't and nothing but lies and broken promises! I will be age 60 in Feb. and it's been that way ever since I can remember. Politicians are liars. Period. OK there are a FEW good guys-- pulling against the majority of "good ole [bad] boys" club... Ha! Some things never change, in our 6000 years of human existence... lol, just read the bible.

And it makes me laugh seeing everyone praying for our doomed system other countries too]and crooked politicians that God says will not [ can not] be corrected by humans! Fact: these terrible, scary thing MUST and will get worse according to the bible!! 'Why polish the brass on a sinking ship?' We can pray for God to "soften" the crooked President's heart... But we should know/ understand that this is just a short lived 'band aid.' We are so deep in debt and corrupt that we cannot get ourselves out of this quick sand/ quagmire.

How real is our faith in Christ? Spending so much money with plastic that we don't have in our commercial Christmas time seems stupid to me. I took care of my family of a wife and 3 children well and didn't have to wait for Dec. 25th to buy them much needed good, warm clothes, shoes, toys, bikes, and other gifts because I loved them all dearly, and was raised to understand that caring for your family was a father's duty in life. For the MOST part, IMHO, Christmas now days is nothing more than a BIG SHAM!! How do you all like the constant commercialism shoved down your throats, non stop?? In the mean time, the murders, rapes, greed,selfishness and crime where I live goes on incessantly at this happy, merry time of the year... lol. And Fox News still will not report on the issue of Obama's birth certificate even though the law suits and fact abound! Oh well. If Mr. Obama has such incredible power now-- just think what he will do once he is Prez.

I love Jesus Christ very much and would die for Him right now [and wouldn't it be nice to be in heaven]! But I just won't jump on the worldly 'Christmas' band wagon to put on a show--a sham that the TV and commercialism expects of us. Most of the USA is not even biblical Christians, go figure how they voted for more abortion/ murder on demand... but yet they 'put on the dog' and celebrate in their drunken parties, etc. Folks like me to try hard to post the TRUTH are made out to be Mr. Scrooge, or sour grapes... but the day after Christmas I hope to be "solvent" and able to pay my bills.

Well, I dropped off my wife at the hospital about 6:30PM for her numerous sleep studies, tests for 2 days, and then made it to the church prayer meeting where the brotherhood prayed for her and others. There is a limit to what "modern medicine" can do to heal and save life. Time like this makes a man feel sorry, guilty and depressed that a loved one is slowly dying from Sarcoidosis, etc. in a prolonged painful way. With good Insurance coverage doing their part [we am blessed], I personally think that setting a good [better] example and teaching my wife about the great and wonderful promises of God is the best thing --as we are all dying, waiting, for the Rapture of Christ. In my mind [and the promise of the bible], there will be eternal LIFE in HEAVEN the second after a believer dies. Wow! All the pain and sorrow of this present crazy life will be forgotten! [Rev. 21:4]. I don't need 70 virgins in paradise as some religions teaches. God's love and Heaven will be enough for me.

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sober white women said...

I so understand about a big Christmas. This year I think our children only got 4 gifts from us. We provide all year long.

Prayers for your wife.