Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Blog name--- again. Sorry.

A New Message of Hope.

Between my 2 blogs--one dying and the other just getting born, I am getting a bit mixed up. Hard to keep track of all the names, passwords and shifting around. I remember the old [yoounger] days when I was so wound up and too tightly wrapped after getting out of the Army and Vietnam that I didn't use the right judgment and took the easy way out. I tried going back to college but my mind was just too strung out with PTSD that I had trouble concentrating on anything. So, at that time, I had to use my hands and my back to earn a living instead of my brain. Now as I grow older I am sorting all these things out and things some family and 'friends' labeled me with which were quite untrue and hurtful in the 1970's onward. I am not crying in my root beer-- just analyzing things to get them in prospective.
I feel that I ought to clarify and explain some things I posted in my last blog post yesterday. Perhaps I was always a 'worry-ward' and too anxious, but I have been a 'rebel without a cause' for too long. Soldiers prepare and train very hard for the war or battle they never hope to fight. They are taught so much to survive and win the victory-- and even after they get out of military they use these survival techniques for good use. I remember my Navy dad sure knew how to 'teach' us how to clean the house, etc.. lol. But-- what I wanted to add [to my bible knowledge] of what the future will bring is that-- Christians ought to be happy and thankful for whatever comes down the pike and ALWAYS PRAISE GOD! If we do the best that we humanly can with the Holy Spirit, things should take care of themselves and we will be victors.
Let us just suppose for a minute that Sen. Obama will win the election. We still have some checks and balances in our legal system that should protect us... the 2 other branches of Gov't. What ever comes in 30 days will be seen and checked by God, and He has always protected His servants and believers. I just didn't want to come across as an 'alarmist' or 'Chicken-Little, and the sky is falling.' God is surely in control and we must keep up our part of the 'bargain' or commitment as biblical Christians.
I want to season my words with salt and not too much pepper. Still, I certainly realize that we are in very hard, serious times. Why do I feel that there are hardly no conservative people left on earth who think the way I do ?? If you look at the State of Wisconsin-- it's divided in half: Republicans and Lefty Dems, 50/ 50. I also need to reach out and contact more new people to see their lives and hear what they think.
I just may be doing some welding, drilling and fabrication tomorrow on the church snow plow, again-- but if I don't have someone to help me with the 'bull work' -- it won't happen, as I am disabled. I paid over $20. for one 5/8" drill bit to drill thru steel and ordered some flat stock steel for our church project. If the snow plow breaks again the pastor says he will then buy a new plow... lol.