Sunday, October 19, 2008

ATTN: ALL VETERANS --some Pro Bono Benefits.

Heli-gunner Tom.

Here is a list of some 'pro-bono' benefits for VETERANS:

http://www.veterans id16.html

Windy but sunny Fall day-- Enjoy!

Heli-gunner Tom.

Pic of pastor Beaver helping us work on the snow plow.

We had open house/ invite a friend at church this morning and many of our members brought their homemade beef Bar B Q, and treats for our big dinner after the services. All the food What a beautiful, windy but sunny Fall day! My wife cooked, bake and worked hard all yesterday to get things perfect. Most people know that she is a great cook.
Her and I will relax that rest of the day. I have a good friend coming over tomorrow to help me get some yard work done and perhaps build a cabinet in the back porch to organize things before Winter.

I can just imagine how much work, pressure, and responsibility our pastor has in putting together everything for the congregation each and every week. I try my hardest with my disabilities to help him when I can-- but it seems like it's the old '20/ 80 thing' where only 20% do most of the real work in any company or organization-- while the other 80% hide from work and do little except when it time to collect their paycheck or eat the food... lol. This happens to EVERY company or corporation and org. I guess the rewards in heaven will reflect this situation too. Although ALL SAVED, BIBLICAL, BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIANS will receive the crown of glory in heaven as they remain faithful--- some will probably get a better mansion. It is my earnest hope that I can put as much effort into the preaching work in my last days so as to gain something better than my wild, worldly days of unbelief. We certainly CANNOT earn or work our way to heaven -- but we can surely work hard now that we are SAVED by the blood of Jesus.
The Lord has blessed me and my wife BIG TIME as I bought this house on my own about 5 years ago in a small town, and I am blessed to have a pension and VA disability rating that helps to pay my bills and shelter me. Paul said, "Having sustenance and covering-- we shall be content." So it's time to relax and enjoy the company of Sharon this afternoon and PTL [Praise the Lord].