Monday, October 20, 2008

"Some days a diamond-- somedays a stone."

Heli-gunner Tom.


I may not have been a big fan of John Denver, but I loved some of his songs. One of his less known tunes was, "Some days a diamond--some days a stone." How true! And for some of us who suffer from depression, PTSD, etc, that about sums things up for us.
Well, it was raining today, but a friend from church named Marvin, who also worked with me on the [Chrysler] line, who also was wounded in RVN ['Nam] as he served with the Marines... came over to visit with me and Sharon. Small world, huh? And then another close friend, named Robb called up to complain about the wayward announcement of Gen. Colin Powell that he turned Lefty Dem, and Robb served in Special Forces 3 years in Vietnam. Yes, I guess we tend to surround ourselves with friends of like interests and Faith-- and that makes us feel secure and warm. But I like to brag that MY friends will not let me down in a pinch and will fight for me and catch me if I fall-- and visa-versa! I always thought that it would be nice to have 100 friends or more like this-- but then I always was into 'over kill' Technically, I do have millions of Christian brothers and sisters who should be ready to give their lives for me.
Even so Christians still fight and argue sometimes, just as Paul and Barnabas did in the 1st Century C.E. [A.D.], but they always forgave and still loved each other in the end. As things will eventually gets worse in these 'end times' [IMHO] we need to reach out and touch someone. Contact new people with the Truth of the Bible -- but stay in contact with those we hold dear in the Faith. The world speaks a lot about love-- but for the most part, they will never know the healing bond of Christian love that ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT with in them know. And of course, if one has the Holy Spirit, he/ she will exhibit the 'FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT' found at Gal. 5:22 [remember??]. Real mature Christians will most likely know their way around the bible and be able to find a scripture quickly. Memorizing all 66 books helps them get around faster too. All 3 of my kids could recite the 66 books as they bounced on my knee 30 years ago. And if they go the way of the Satan's glittery world -- at least they will have the "tools" to come back to the Lord, like the 'prodigal son.' Now days, if you have 3 children and only one stays in the Christian Faith-- you are still doing well ! Satan is a killing machine and a destroyer of souls! Beware! He is a like a 'roaring lion seeking to devour someone'.
And hey! This month just flew by in a hurry--even if we still have 2 weeks left of Oct. That's another thing about the 'end times' rat race-- people will be so caught up in every day living and surviving the poor economy that most of them will just forget about God and His promises. Scripture compares the Christian to a military soldier. He doesn't get involved in so many outside enterprises so that he forgets his primary objective-- war and battle/ guarding his post. In a way, that is a heavy burden to shoulder, but "retirement" is a 'golden parachute' FOREVER-- in heaven.
Well, here it is mid-night, and time to hit the hay in Wisconsin.

Best Regards,