Monday, December 1, 2008

"Never Hate the Sinner -- Hate the Sin."

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

Norman Greenbaum - Spirit In The Sky

  1. Remember this old hippie-type song form the 1970's [above] ? One verse went like: 'Never hate the sinner--hate the sin..' I believe that is the defining truth that encompasses one of our core Christian values/ beliefs. If a person walked into OUR church near Kenosha, WI., I know the pastor well enough from listening to his sermons for the past 7 years [not like Obama... lol..Ha!] and his mind set/ biblical teachings. The pastor would NEVER attempt to 'kick out or run out someone who is a homosexual! It's just a sin like lying, stealing, murder, adultery, etc. Sometimes new people at our church were/ are so over joyed to be there and feel the Holy Spirit working in their lives-- that they would stand up and thank Him in an orderly way, for getting them off Heroin/ other drugs, bad circumstances, etc., but Jerry Beaver [the pastor] would quickly but kindly say, 'you don't have to confess all your sins here, now, in public.' That is too personal and private at this time. He probably knows other "new" immature Christians that still have much work to do on their goofy, ignorant prejudices. Even so, some folks in church are NOT allowed to baby sit or teach children because of documented emotional and mental disorders -- and legally for insurance/ liability purposes. Those things may hurt feelings - but they are really legal and common sense issues.
What ever the sin-- it is forgiven when that person accepts Jesus Christ as his/ her Personal Lord and Savior-- past, present and future!! When a person first [or finally] realizes and understands how merciful and forgiving the Lord is-- they are many times cut to the heart and get emotional. They are 'SAVED by the BLOOD of Jesus ~!' That does NOT mean that they will forever walk the earth sinless and pure, perfect until they die. They will continue to sin as they walk daily in/ with the Lord-- but the Holy Spirit will be with them to resist the machinations of the devil. However, big gross sins need to be a thing of the past and extra hard effort needs to be applied so that the other brothers and sisters have no fear of him-- and a brotherly love and trust is self evident. That is the way a family should be--clean. That is the way I understand it. And yes, it does take more 'will power' for some to achieve a higher state of earthly "goodness - cleanliness." Personally, I have worked on certain personality flaws, imperfections and BAD HABITS/ SINFUL TENDENCIES ALL MY LIFE !! And I am humbled and ashamed that I have made LITTLE progress on some of those sinful inclinations. Others I have conquered, and that's a good feeling! So I know it can be done! It's like quitting drinking of booze or tobacco. NO ONE EVER DIED FOR LACK OF A CIGARETTE! I smoked [everything] for 5 whole year of my life, especially while in the Army and in combat [as some "things" actually grew wild near our aircraft run way in Vietnam.. and I never had to pay for it] and I loved it! But I quit smoking when I was about 22 years of age and never looked back. One of the "rules" I strongly disagree with and that the Baptists push is their stand on [even] moderate drinking of wine and beer. There is a time and place for everything, and I know what it means to "stumble" a 'young one.' The Bible does NOT condemn moderate drinking of wines and spirits. But it surely IS a Bad Sin to get DRUNK!! [but then I know a whole lot of hypocrites who DON'T drink who are STUPID jerks.. LOL] The good Baptists and other religions must think that--since there has been so much damage, abuse, crimes and stupidity from the act of drunkenness and drinking [true enough] that every Christian should never touch a drop. IMHO, that is going 'beyond the scriptures.' Then they try to play with the Greek words for 'grape juice' , etc. Listen! I used to brew and ferment my own wine and beer when I came back from 'Nam, and have studied it and the Bible's comments about this subject! Over in the Holy Land area, if you would just let fresh grape juice set in some vessel for 3 days , in that heat and humidity-- it will automatically ferment and turn to wine!! There is yeast on the skin of the grape. I have many solid scriptures to support these facts about wine and moderate, sensible consumption, and it is also a sin to manipulate, twist or add to the scriptures! Proper BALANCE is the Key... like most everything else.

But I totally understand the real dangers of alcohol and drunkenness, and drugs. It has ripped families apart and traumatized men, women and children, for sure! Some people ought NOT to drink at all-- but I cannot make that judgment towards someone else. As for me, I don't ever get drunk anymore, and if I never drank wine again, it wouldn't be any great loss. But in moderation-- it can help take the edge off many types of pain and help a person digest
food and help the heart, etc. And would it make sense to say that Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine? Or would it make sense for the Pharisees to point to Jesus and accuse Him of sitting down with the sinners and drinking 'grape juice ??'
I know that some 'misguided church members' would use the Greek word, Pharmakiea, that means sorcery to condemn the use of alcohol.... but then they would also have to ban use of good medicinal drugs that good doctors prescribe. Yes, I agree that some people get so drunk that they leave their brain a complete vacuum, so that evil demons can "take over" that person and make his do bad things of torment, etc., and in that understanding the word 'Pharmakiea' WOULD be the correct rendition. I could go on and on-- but I hope you all get the idea.

I was hoping to make the case before that Christians do NOT HATE Homosexuals. But that sin, if practiced unrepentantly will send a person to hell, the same as any other major sin that is 'practiced' without true repentance and a desire to quit--with the help of God. That obviously goes for every other gross sin that some one 'PRACTICE ES .' But in the case of adultery, fornication and homosexuality-- it only takes ONE TIME to get infected with some STD or AIDS!! Beware! The Lord knows what is best for us-- and He would never hold something back from us that is honestly good. There is a good reason why God gives us His commandments and statutes. Just like giving the roaming Israelites [40 years in the wilderness]the command NOT to eat pork while they were under the Mosaic Law Covenant. Do you think they would have understood the word, "tricanosis?" Instead God used the term, "unclean animal."
Remember: "Never hates the Sinner -- hate the Sin."

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