Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sunny Cold Day in WI-- I bid you all Peace.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

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So much to tell on a cold "Fall" day! I was just watching Rick Warren on Neil Cavuto this afternoon, with my dear wife on her birthday. Talking about the 'meaning of Christmas' Warren said all kinds of fuzzy wuzzy, warm, cuddly things that 'they' do at his church--but absolutely nothing scriptural! You see, he said nothing wrong-- but those people like to steer away from the bible and add their own human philosophy instead. Like Universalists-- they say NOTHING to offend anyone.. lol. Not that real Christians try.

Early this morning I had to keep a dentist appointment for 3 fillings by a great masterful doctor and I had a co-pay [courtesy of an 'across the board' Chrysler/ Union 'take-away' for all retirees -- the contract meant nothing |I guess when the economyis bad.....Ha! Like I said before--EVERYBODY claims that auto workers make so much money-- but no one wants to work day after day on a moving assembly line breathing toxic gases, workingin 99 degree heat, etc, and working with constant injuries. Years ago I carved a wood sign and brought it to work with the words, "Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn't have to do it." I was a hero then.. lol. It's the same with soldiers and war. They have a contract --that if they fight for a country and get injured "on duty" - 'service-connected,' the Gov't/ VA PROMISES take care of them... Ha! Yeah right... been there--done that. But the dental thing went OK, however, dentists still put some fear into my heart from the "good old days.'

Well, then, as promised, I went to the church afterward to see if the parking lot needed to be snow plowed. Answer: no. But I had a short chat with pastor, Jerry Beaver. I like him a lot and he calls me friend and 'brother' and that is the highest form of respect and 'title' I could ever want. I may not agreed with every little bit of action or mind set of his, but I still love, honor, support and respect him. However, he knows my head knowledge and background well enough so he could never try to teachme something that was contrary to the Scriptures... not that he would. I would never want to bear all this weighty responsibilities, but he has the firmness, tact and wisdom to deal with all the "forest fires", 'people problems' that never end in any congregation. I was a deacon once, long ago and far away, and I know what it means to lead and serve. You can NEVER, EVER please everybody, and you are going to step on toes and hurt feelings even if you try hard and hone your 'people skills' to a sharp edge!! Here is the trick: To use someone in the congregation for service of any kind, first of all, they have to be clean of any gross sinful practice [those are the "rules" of Timothy and Titus]. Then, you have to 'use what you have.' We don't all possess the same brains, education, drive, talents, and organization. You may NOT have a 'pool' of really experienced, smart, competent people in your congregation... Hello! So you have to do the next best thing: improvise, use imperfect people who will have to learn OJT! Not every congregation is 'blessed' with smart, kind, organized, qualified people to run things... and don't I know it.. lol. So then there will be some friction, hard feelings and maybe divisions, and then Satan loves to drive in a wedge of discontent and cause dissension and split up the church! Bad news, people will take sides and then we have a fractured church-- and maybe on something trivial! I have had personal experiences in this area. Advice: keep on bearing others' imperfections and faults, ... and I KNOW that is so hard!! James 5:20 says, "Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins." Try to apply Matt. 18. And we all should assume that our fellow believers in church adhere to the admonition of James 5:12b, 'Let your yea by yea and your nay be nay.' KJV. It is an insult to question a member's word / integrity, or suggest that they are lying! It seems that a friend of mine named 'N' has suffered some indignities from an 'appointed' incompetent 'choir master female, and others...' I hope things turn out for the best, but I don't want to poke my nose into their business too much as I was not there. But I hurt when she hurts. But know this: Everything will come out in the wash and god will correct and reward.
On another note, concerning another blog/ reader lady, as I was waiting in the dentist's lobby this morning [0900] I brought a small copy of the New Testament and started reading the [small] book of 1st Timothy 2: 1-4, which answered my own question of, 'for whom should we pray-- and why.' I was speaking to myself but not too loud while sitting in that lobby so I could concentrate over the 'elevator music', and just at that moment the assistant called me in for treatment. I stood up and told the man next to me to read that portion [kind of bold of]. One hour latter, I got out and that man was gone-- with my small bible.. lol. But I planned it that way and I make a practice of disseminating inexpensive bibles that way. I can afford it and the Lord has blessed me. Pretty sneaky , huh?!

Well, I stopped by the store and bought a chocolate birthday cake for Sharon and some flowers, and I took her out for a special Prime Rib dinner yesterday... so maybe I will get a kiss... lol. Wow! I filled up my MT truck with gasoline for less than $40 today!! Woo Woo! Not bragging -- just happy. It is 17 degrees F. in sunny WI and I have had a very happy day.

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I bid you all peace.