Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ice Storm and Power outage.

Old Soldier Tom's Journal.

Things went a rye in the Schuckman residence at 0300 hours this morning...Poof!
The transformer for our entire city block blew up and we were dark, cold, but worst of all, our CPAP [
A typical CPAP machine houses the air pump in a case lined with sound-absorbing material for quieter operation. A hose carries the pressurized air to a face mask or nasal pillow.
An Example CPAP nasal mask.
CPAP therapy breaks the cycle of OSA

Positive airway pressure (PAP) is a method of respiratory ventilation used primarily in the treatment of sleep apnea, for which it was first developed.

PAP ventilation is also commonly used for critically ill patients in hospital with respiratory failure, and in newborn infants (neonates). In these patients, PAP ventilation can prevent the need for endotracheal intubation, or allow earlier extubation. Sometimes patients with neuromuscular diseases use this variety of ventilation as well.] ............. >>>

......breathing machines for sleep apnea and our Oxygen would not work either and we didn't get a good sleep. that event also knocked out our PC modem and land phone so that a guy is supposed to come over on Monday to fix things. Even though we had a substitute, bombastic preacher--very loud, I had a hard time staying awake during the sermon. Well, we dined out at the Chinese buffet after church because my 'wife didn't want to cook dinner...', and that was OK. Now the power is back on and everything is fine. But my main point is that my 'inner core of survivors' all have the 'right stuff' to cope with such power grid breakdowns. Last night the wind was very strong and the rain of the day changed to ice so that we heard the ambulance siren half the night rushing to different areas of distress.

I may sound like a pompous, big bully boy, but I demand that candles and box matches are in easy to find special designated placees/areas and that we have lots of distilled water, canned food, batteries and even a new generator[from when I bought it before Y2K] and other things at the ready. My new Dodge Ram pick up 4 by 4 truck is always loaded with warm clothes,etc, and it's my "bug out vehicle". In Winter time, especially, I try not to let the gas gauge to get below half full. I am also a knife collector and teach people how to throw edged weapons accurately. I have many hobbies and veggie gardening is fun and my wife has canned and froze many good things like tomatoes. We made a big pot of chili yesterday after church and used her tomatoes--organic, of course. I am sure that some catastrophic, weather events might catch me 'bare-footed' but I feel that I am better prepared than most people on the planet. Why? Because I MADE IT A PRIORITY TO SPEND SOME MONEY WISELY to store up certain items--just in case! I and my close Vet friends are also armed and ready to defend and protect our hearth and home. I had so much canned goods, rice, beans and toilet paper after Y2K, that I donated most of it to the church and they gave me an honest tax write off for that year of 2000...LOL.

With the world scene of investments going South--that is another story of woe for many people. I narrowly escaped by getting out of investments at the right time and spent most of that money putting in a new furnace and central A/C, and electrical in the house to upgrade. Make some--lose some.

I feel the same way about storing/ 'laying up' things in HEAVEN too. We don't KNOW when the 'Master' will come back, but it would seem logical and biblical to get right with God NOW!! Honestly, we could stop breathing tonight and be in the after phase of eternity and judgment seconds after we die. If we store up and plan for short term emergencies--- it makes sense to 'GET SAVED' now and do God's will too. The people who linger, sit on the fence and procrastinate... will NEVER make it after they step into the snare or death claims them without having made a real, honest commitment to serve the Lord Jesus forever. We could say that this act is SIMPLE to do-- but HARD for most people because of their PRIDE and SELFISHNESS. Again-- it's all about PRIORITIES. I feel that it was the finest, most important thing I ever did right in my life.
I continue to encourage my brothers and sisters to NOT let the woes of the world spook us or knock our aim off the "target" of Godly service and our 'MAIN LOVE.' God will take care of us if we have our priorities right! Praise the Lord!
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I saw that Victory Baptist Church, where we attend, had a 30 second TV ad on the History channel yesterday!! Very good! PTL!

I totally agree with the Bible saying that the 'world of unbelievers', the heathen, and the true biblical meaning of "fools" [a fool is someone who says there is no God] will, of course, think that Christians are stupid, crazy, illogical by their "unbelievers' standards." The scoffers for these past 6000 years could NEVER believe in things they 'cannot see'...although there surely is wind and electricity...Ha! [read 2 Peter 3: 3-12...]. Their higher education, so-called 'Wisdom' is FOOLISHNESS in the eyes of God [1 Cor. 3:18-19]. Personally, I have no time or pity for them. My time is better used to help honest, desiring ones and precious... sorry. Kind of like the Army and Marines-- we don't really want someone who is STUPID to stand guard next to/ with us --or cover our back sides in battle! Matthew 7:6 says, "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces."