Monday, January 12, 2009

Be Nice-- and forgive one another.

Tom's Journal.

As happened before, I stroked the wrong key and erased my original post-- so now to start over...
I was talking about 'perspectives', cowards and snipers and how they relate to some comments or nasty emails. It's so fine and great to have our own opinions in a FREE society, especially after you have been around the world, physically, as I have been. But to just sit silent without a peep not showing your color and then attack a blogger/ journalist, NOT for the substance of his posts-- but for his colorful personality-- is cowardly, IMHO. I have the ability to write, fuzzy, wuzzy, warm, candy coated stuff that all but guarantee a large band of 'followers'/ readers, who want their ears tickled. But I have chosen something different that is much bigger than me! There IS NO GREATER AUTHORITY IN THE UNIVERSE THAN GOD'S WORD--THE BIBLE. Even if I was an "expert" in some field, like science, look what happened lately in that we really don't know about our own solar system..and the planets that orbit.. Ha! I worship the Creator-- not the creation. And the more educated and more we learn should serve to humble us-- not make us so darned full of ourselves!

'Sales' is just a fast tracked, advanced means of communication, and can be used to bad or good. A farmer might look for a middle man to help sell his wheat, corn and cattle, and that is called marketing. But most countries lie to their people and hide the truth from them. That is a "sales job" too. Now days we have 'TMI'-- too much information, but not the true information to make an educated move/ or judgement call. The so-called 'news media' cannot be trusted and is more of an 'entertainment vehicle' that anything else. I remember in Vietnam how the home town papers said somethings that were actually incorrect about us! The Army didn't lose that war-- we were winning when the Gov't pulled us out!! We were back stabbed by the "news media."

I certainly enjoy all the love and respect of most of my friends and readers, but please don't put me on a pedestal as some lofty wise sage or god. I am just a man made of flesh, bones and spirit. Sometimes I use the wrong or too strong a word-- because I err and get too excited about some subject or issue. I have been know to mess up and then apologize. I get angry and wrathful too at mealy mouthed cowards who refuse to comment without giving their email addresses and at least their first names. They strike and run like a troupe of monkeys.

Pray for the many homeless combat Veterans who have fallen thru the cracks of the VA system and society who are living on the streets of Milwaukee and the frozen North as the bitter cold comes this week. Let them find warmth in the Lord and come back to the living. Many each year are frozen to death.



sober white women said...

O.K. I have so been lost for a while. Now I am back. Some where in this house I have a newspaper clipping of Rusty with his finger in the air and him screaming.
Some people wanted to close down a shelter for veterans! And worse yet, this shelter is on a base. The shelter is still open.

Carolyn said...

Hey Tom. You and I are a lot alike in so many ways. I write whatever God puts on my heart which pertains to current events relating to the Bible. I haven't many readers either- just a handful of faithful friends such as you. I have often thought of either giving up or starting to write "fluff", because people don't want to hear about "depressing" stuff. I haven't given up yet, but I won't give into temptation to tickle ears for popularity either. I'm just a simple mom with a lot of opinions. I ruffle feathers too Tom- but when we get kicked from somewhere out in left field- we must be doing something right.
Keep up your usual Tom. You do a good work here. I know you're just a human- so am I, but let's keep learning and keep telling things the way the Lord tells it! God Bless~

madison said...

Thanks for visiting my journal. I think there are a lot of people out there, who just don't want to deal with the truth.
I had written a post not to long ago about different preaching styles now. I was raised in a church with a "fire and brimstone" preacher. There's not a lot of churches like that now. Unfortunatelly, in these times, that's what we need.
We to are getting ready for a week or more of bitter temps.

Janie said...

Hmmm thought I was following your journal?? I do pretty good with blogger. I even use my email, copy, and then paste in my entry. Are you clicking on the {Save} off and on. It will save it as a draft, but you will have to change the date or it will come up earlier than you want it posted. There is always the big X and they don't have to read. lol Hope you have a great week. Blessings, Janie