Thursday, January 8, 2009

The New Amnesty Bill

Tom's Journal.

Walking in Memphis

Chicago... my kind o' town!

Papa B, a native Chicagoan, sent this one in


Who Runs it?
Senators: Barack Obama & Dick Durbin
Representative: Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Illinois Governor: Rod Blogojevich (arrested)
Illinois House leader: Mike Madigan
Illinois Attorney General: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)
Chicago Mayor: Richard M. Daley (son of Mayor Richard J. Daley)
The leadership in Illinois? All Democrats.

Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago.

Body count in the last six months: 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago -- more souls lost than in Iraq.

State pension fund - $44 Billion in debt, worst in the country.

Cook County (Chicago ) sales tax - 10.25% highest in country (Look it up).

Chicago school system - rated one of the worst in the country and Obama just named the Arne Duncan, Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools as his Secretary of Education. Only 17% of 8th graders under his command read at grade level. That means 83% of Chicago aged students are reading below grade level. Over 60% are reading four or more grade levels below.

Of course, they're all blaming each other. They can't blame Republicans because there aren't any.


I didn't bother checking Snopes because I don't care.

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Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.
John 14:6,7

It's nice to be considered for this new position-- but I know I have the credentials for Veterans Today mag.


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This 3 minute video should be mandatory viewing for every US citizen

Sit down, buckle your seat belt - this will tick you off

I ask myself, isn't this enough to get Americans out of their living rooms. Folks, this is the beginning of the end of America, if we continue to sit in our living rooms!

George Washington is wondering why he and his men ever froze on the banks of the Delaware River.

It is absolutely incomprehensible that any US Senator or Representative could possibly think they were representing us and vote for this


A National Disgrace! I hope my readers share this.



krissy knox said...

Just wanted to say -- thank you for being a vet.

I also was reading in your blog (forget which post) that you allow others to contact you through your email address. I think that's great! I do too. I have never understood those who have hidden behind fake names, fake avatars (not shown photos), and refused to give a contact address. What are they afraid of anyway? Also those who will never reveal anything about themselves personally. HUH?

krissy knox :)
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garnett109 said...

I want to be an Illegal where do I sign up?