Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tom's Journal --Report for Jan. 7th --2009.

Tom's Journal.



The roads were icy and slippery again today as I drove my Ram 4 by 4 to the Milwaukee VA Hospital for another 90 day round of injections in both knees. The man Mike Ryan, NP always does a great job of sticking me. Sure there is a little pain as he 'goes into my inner knee' with the beautiful needle, but after there is instant relief but temporary relief for the next 2 and 1/2 months. 'Swarthy Venita'- VA nurse, tried to re-schedule me back 3-4 weeks longer than my legally, acceptable 90 days for the much needed shots, but I protested loud and clear and threatened to contact the 'Veterans' Advocate' --and she "found me a place' for the day after, today. Heck! It only takes a full 10 minutes to squirt me and they can squeeze me in easily because I am brave and take the shots right away! Whoop-de-doo! Hard to find a place to park at the VA with all their BS and lack of snow removal... but what's new...? The disabled Vets ALWAYS get the crumbs off the table in the USA. Other than that-- it was a good day, and Sharon made me 2 great Lamb sandwiches for lunch--easy on my tired, sore stomach, these days.
Then she had to go to the cardiologist/ Hospital for more tests at 2 PM. They say that she now has a thin heart wall, and a faulty valve that needs to be fixed. Sharon is nervous and upset. With all her faults and charging up secret credit cards behind my back, I still feel sorry for her and I still love her dearly. [I know that we all have our faults...] We are ALL going to die, and she was physically messed up long before I met her. I am glad that I have some good Insurance that will pay for most everything she needs. I take my marriage vows seriously and want this relationship to work out. But even death can not separate us from God's eternal love-- and Christians need to study, read and understand that fact... and tell others!! If we fail to do this out of cowardice, we will have to answer for the blood of the fallen, unbelieving people we were afraid to preach to !
I normally take a few inexpensive paper backed bibles with me to the VA so that I can hand them out to people who want one, or leave them on a reading/ magazine holder for others. I found a bible tract one time at Chrysler back in 1995 that helped steer me to a good, bible teaching church that helped me learn more and mature in Christ! So I know about the power of the written Word and tracts.

Now, if I can only make it to the Kenosha YMCA Gym for a good work out tomorrow before another appointment. And that is the 'retired life.'

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Jimmy's Journal said...

Up and running once again. Good for you, Tom.


garnett109 said...

Hope everthing works out with your wife.

Carolyn said...

Tom, I'm sorry about Sharon's new health concerns. Please know I'm praying for you both- and even though I can't imagine being in her place right now, when my dad was having quad bypass surgery a couple of years ago, I couldn't sleep and was so anxious (he's still in Canada, and I could NOT get up there) I prayed to God to help me be able to rest and be at peace. He led me to read Psalm 23. At that time, I wasn't really into the Psalms- but it was just what I needed, and He knew it. It helped so much. Maybe if she reads it too or asks the Lord for comfort from scripture- She will be at peace too.
Glad you were able to get your shots today. My mom just started on the same thing on Monday. They had to take out a bunch of fluid first (YUCK!) but when he gave her the shot, she took it like an "Old Soldier"! Like you. God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Hi I am Tom's wife Sharon and I wanted to let you know which valve is bad.

I have Aortic Valve Stenosis, along with the heart muscle becoming thin.

I have Sarcoidosis and the cardiologist without doing a biopsy, of which I will not volunteer because it requires a person to die, is going along with that I have Sarcoidosis of the Heart.