Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who, What and Why to Pray for-- Jan. 20th, 2009.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends and Readers,
What really makes my heart rejoice is the way most mature Christians help and correct [me, us] in a spirit of mildness; younger, newer people who are still learning the basics of the Bible, etc. Having said that, paradoxically, I and the 'older ones' are still in 'group A' .. lol, because Christians NEVER STOP LEARNING! Case in point: I never thought I would pray for Mr. Obama because he supports many of the things that I abhor [hate], including abortion, Sodomites/ Gay agenda, tearing down the military
, spend and tax mentality, adverse anti-gun legislation, lack of experience, Welfare/ nanny state mentality,
and many other things, IMHO. But early this morning I was 'lucky' enough to turn on the radio next to the bed and listen to Charles F. Stanley, and his talk about, 'how, when and what to pray for, concerning the new Prez. Obama. As I posted before, in the Army we 'salute the rank/ the uniform' --not the individual/ person. Actually, if we didn't salute an officer-- we would get into deep trouble, and I speak from experience...lol, even in Vietnam.

But what does the BIBLE say on the subject?? Romans chapter 13:1 says, "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers [authorities]. for there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ORDAINED OF GOD." ~ KJV. We also see in various texts that it is ALMIGHTY GOD of the Bible who sets greats lords and kings in place [or allows them to be there] [Daniel chapters 2-4.], and we all know that there are good kings and bad kings.. and now days kings have been replaced with Prime Ministers and Presidents... but no big deal, and not hard to understand. God either puts or allows heads of State and Nations to exist and rule, and God can and will easily use them for His purpose or TAKE THEM DOWN in a heart beat, as we have personally seen in our own American history. I am a history buff, and that is why [besides knowing the bible] I can tell when things might hit the fan and repeat themselves. Common sense, IMHO... like Socialism [or anarchy] usually follows an economic melt down.

Thanks to Dr. Charles F. Stanley, his audio tapes helped me learn and know the Lord Jesus Christ better back in 1995 when a fellow Chrysler worker and former Captain- Green Beret [with 3 tours in RVN- Vietnam] named Robby B. who is now a very close brother and friend of mine, introduce 'Bro Stanley to me. We as Christians SHOULD pray for the King [president] that he will be humble, know and rely upon God for his strength [or learn how to..], don't let the evil forces and agendas influence him to make the wrong decisions, respect the sanctity of life, unborn and otherwise, etc, and other things.' We would rather that he do things that are respectful and favorable so that true Christians can go on living a normal, quiet, peaceful life, carrying out their chief reason for living-- and that is to SANCTIFY GOD'S NAME AND CONTINUE TO PREACH THE GOOD NEWS OF THE KINGDOM-- THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, so that others may be reached and SAVED. The Muslims in this country seem to be on that fast track in this country, and well protected, already! Is that too much to ask? Too, the apostle Peter and the apostles said to the rulers who persecuted, beat them, "we must obey God rather than men." When that day comes in the U.S.A that Christians are forbidden to speak freely the Word of God-- the bible in public and otherwise, we MUST continue to do just that, worship and preach! That is NOT negotiable-- NOT AN OPTION!

I am only following the bible's instructions, council and wisdom and nothing more added from my own mind. I did not vote for Mr. Obama, his ways, schemes, mindset, ideas or platform. I do not care for him-- but then I didn't 'care for' many officers while serving in the Army either. I am a citizen of Heaven first and Jesus is my Master and Savior. But the Bible is my 'rule book' and blue print; the bible is; God talking to me! His Word is sufficient.
I am so glad that I got the word today in such a timely manner just when I needed it. Kind of funny and strange, huh? Some of my close friends may differ from this opinion, but I feel that I have made my case clear today. I still love, cherish and respect all my friends in Christ, and even those who do not believe yet, no matter what.

I kind of think and hope that Jesus Christ will return to earth during Obama's reign, but that is not up to me, poor human man of clay. I am glad that I learned more about prayer today--- who, how and what to pray for. Remember the 'model prayer' that Jesus taught His followers, and what was first on the list and what was last.
It has really warmed up today with the Sun. Air temp: 18 above !! Woo Woo!
Tomorrow: another 6 month check up and blood draw at the Milwaukee VA, and I have a lady doctor. I am going to ask her why..................................
And from my wife........a song:

A friend of mine who has Sarcoidosis and lives in Canada sent me this web site.

Talk about moving and making you cry WOW!


Have a great day.



garnett109 said...

Tom what is an RVN?
Hope all is well with your tests.

Dirk said...

First, garnett109, RVN is the Republic of VietNam.

I think many Christians will fail to abide by the commandment to pray for those in authority because of Obama's ideology. The Bible, however, doesn't list any prerequisites to pray our leaders. I hope many hear your words. I agree that Jesus will return during Obama's term in office as I think we are not in the last days of the last days, but in the last few minutes of the last days. No matter who is President, we can't stop Biblical prophecy. I also agree that when it becomes "hate-speech" or completely illegal to speak of anything Christian in public, it will still NOT be an option!

I hope your check-up goes well tomorrow.

God Bless You!


Heli gunner Tom said...

A good post. I enjoyed it. The Bible teaches we should pray for our leaders, and it does not distinguish between their good and evil aspirations.

I would not and never did vote for Obama. But now that he is our president, I'll be praying for him.

Jim White