Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Democrat Gun Control.... Ha!

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onday, February 02, 2009

Bobby Rush: bringing Chicago's crime-fighting success to your 'hood

This is Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL). He represents the First Congressional District of Illinois.

The First District is located in and around the city of Chicago.

It is one of 19 Congressional districts in the state.

Chicago is one of the most crime-ridden and violent cities in the United States.

While other large cities like New York City and Los Angeles have seen violent crimes decrease, Chicago has experienced the opposite. In 2008, 510 murders were recorded, a rise of nearly 15% from the previous year.

Nearly all of the murders were gun crimes. But how could that be? The state of Illinois has arguably the most restrictive gun laws in the Union. Don't criminals abide by the law?

And Chicago's gun laws are even more restrictive. Chicago requires "that all firearms be registered with the local police department [and] does not allow the registration of handguns, which has the effect of outlawing their possession."

Despite the longstanding bans (in place since 1982), Chicago's gun crimes continue to run wild.

So what does Rep. Bobby Rush do? You guessed it: he intends to replicate Chicago's success in the rest of the United States by setting the stage for a federal gun ban.

H.R. 45, which Rush recently introduced, is the Democrats' first step at a total gun ban, a blatant and direct violation of the Second Amendment.

It requires the Attorney General to register every gun owner and every gun transfer using an onerous and complex application process. It bans transfers among private parties. It requires fingerprints, safety tests, fees, mental health records and much, much more.

If a gun owner does satisfy the licensing process, regulations describe the penalties for failing to report a loss or theft, a change of address, and other "crimes".

Put simply, Congressman Rush -- an uber-liberal with a horrific record of idiotic decisions -- plans on bringing Chicago's crime-fighting success to your neighborhood.

Plan accordingly.

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natalie said...

Dear Tom,
ummmm whaaaaaaaaaat?
I wonder what the NRA is planning....
what do you think they will do?
This is the first that I have heard of it.
shock does not cover it.. it's our constitutional rights we are speaking of.

natalie said...

Dear Tom,
Canada allows two guns per citizen and their crime rate is way below ours. They describe the reason for our crime is: we have far too much violence in our media.
Given the fact that they are allowed more guns and that they have less violence, does that not show something?

Julie said...

What an excellent post and one that has been proven time and time again. People just don't seem to get it.