Friday, February 20, 2009

A German Dinner tonight!

Tom's Journal.

I am feeling much better today and things are working out much better now with my wife--as we are concentrating on improving our communication skills and not 'pushing each others' anger buttons' We are praying together once again, too, that the Holy Spirit will strengthen us for the harder times ahead. I don't think Sharon is pretending anymore and I think that she is really trying harder to do the right thing. Only time will tell. She will continue her personal one on one counseling with an expert who is also a Christian. We plan on dinning out tonight at 5PM at a famous German restaurant in Kenosha, WI that she likes for a quiet celebration of my 60th birthday. I spent half a year in Germany while in the Army in early 1968, and my parents are German-American-- and our forefathers came to America thru the 'FRONT DOOR' and assimulated into the America culture, also fighting in their wars. We pride ourselves in our hard work ethic, we buy property, pay our bills on time, save money, and train/ educate our children well !! Woo Woo! We don't think we are any better-- but certainly no worse than any other race! But one thing for sure that we as a group dispise is: Lazy, selfish, greedy ghetto oinks and illegal aliens who live on welfare and eat OUR bread and hard earned tax money!
We shall dress up a bit and enjoy schnitzel, Swine hocks, kraut and sham tort, etc, and probably a cold German beer or wine.

Did you know that carrying a small pocket bible in your breast pocket is just like bullet proof body armor? And it's also cool to read the Proverbs when you are waiting for the doctor visit, etc. Please understand that I am NOT a "holy Joe" who walks around pious and holy in public! A soldier of the Lord is a real man's man, ready to fight and lay down his life at the drop of a hat and defend the Faith. I am a huge guy who was a power lifter most of my adult life until my back gave out a few years ago. I enjoy indoor shooting, throwing knives, tomahawks, edged weapons expert, carpentry, welding, gardening [Vegetables] and motorcycles. My peers respect me and I am a staunch advocate for disabled Veterans, as most of you know. I just can't see being on the side of Satan the Devil [STD] whom the Bible says will LOSE THE END GAME-- the Batter of Armageddon, and then be cast into a painful hell along with his servants/ followers forever! That's it all in a nut shell-- simple!
And if I should die today I am ASSURED that I will be in heaven with Jesus, not because I am a 'Holy Joe'/ saintly person, but because I follow Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior! The more I study, learn the Bible, and hang out with/email my fundamental Christian friends and bros. and sisters in the Faith-- the stronger I feel. We help each other when we fall down and get skinned and hurt--as we are commanded by God's own 'Book.'
More latter.

Your Friend,

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Imagine That... Playing the 'Race' Card Again

If there's one thing that really gets under my skin, it's racial politics. Despite the Democrats' claim that they are for equality, they continue to not only promote policies that favor one racial or ethnic group over another, but they also play the "race" card any chance they get.

Forget about having a fair, open, and honest debate. When the stakes are high, you can bet that if the race card can be played, it certainly will. The latest example deals with the GOP governors who are considering rejecting all or part of the stimulus. Forget that they have serious misgivings about the bill and the way the funds must be spent. Clearly their opposition is based on racial prejudice, right? Give me a break!

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Lou said...

Tom, I was born in Stuttgart.
American GI dad & German mother. Have a bowl of spaetzle for me, that is my favorite! My mom made it by hand, but now there are machines.

Paula said...

Schnitzel! You're making me hungry. We used to go to a little German restaurant in San Antonio. German people are hard working people.

Lynne said...

I lived in Sinsheim and Heidelberg GE for a spell. I enjoyed the Schnitzel and loved the habstrasse with outdoor diners and always a little show going on. Pleasant memories of Germany! Happy Birthday!