Thursday, February 5, 2009

Listen to the Song...

Tom's Journal.

<<< Here is a picture of Tom when he was 100 lbs. lighter and weightlifting a lot more, about 12 years ago. Don't worry, I had sweat pants on.

The reason that I posted this particular song by BTO is that I have been using that 'catch phrase' to warn people about what most fundamental Christian Bible students already know/ knew and understand. BTW [by the way], if you truly are a person who loves Truth, Freedom, and Jesus Christ, and you seriously want to understand what you are reading in the Bible and/ or want to draw near to God and be SAVED from eternal hell --but go to heaven--- sincerely pray to God Almighty in a humble way and ASK Him to show you the way, confess all your sins of the past, admit that you are a sinner, and believe in your heart and publicly that Jesus Christ died for YOUR/ OUR sins, was put to death and was RESURRECTED. End your prayer with: 'in Jesus name.' For many people, including myself at one time, it will "seem too simple!" But it works, and after you are SAVED, 2 things will happen, first: The Holy Spirit will dwell within you, make you strong and full of inner and outer Joy and Happiness/ Strength. 2. Satan the Devil will start to attack you and drag you away from the Lord. He hates the Truth of the Bible and that another human being has stood up for Christ! So-- be fore warned, please. This will be the most important, happiest day of your LIFE, but that is only the beginning of a Christian's life forever. Many doors will open-- but there will also be persecution from all corners. You will have a "super tool" / Friend on your side. The Holy Spirit, who will arm you, make you strong and give you strength and knowledge to fight anything and anybody.

Now friends, it is NOT my intention to continually post depressing news about the future. But who likes to be 'blind sided' out of the blue and caught with out their clothes off? The Bible talks enough about how a Soldier needs to be on guard and alert when on duty [and sometimes that means 24/ 7] -- and [Ephesians 6:14] "Stand there for, having your loins
girt about with Truth, ...." In ancient Bible days, they had combat down to a science too, believe it or not, and soldiers many times wore a thick, wide belt sometimes with suspenders to reinforce it, and it was similar to our modern day weight lifting belts [I used to be a power lifter and have some old pix to prove it]. A weight lifter leaves the belt relatively loose until he is ready to make a big lift, and then he tightens it very tight to hold in his guts so he does not get a hernia/ rupture, and it also strengthens his back too. They also increase your confidence and 'psych you up' mentally. So Christians are admonished to BE READY for the unexpected-- and just think about the recent fast moving events in the last 4 months! Wow! Can you imagine how some older, disabled, retired people feel about losing most or all of their savings and investments, 401K's, UGMA's, Mutual Funds, etc because of the GREED, THEFT AND INCOMPETENCE of our Gov't Financial system ??! And the well-connected perps walk free.... Ha! Their dreams and life's hard work are all up in smoke! People/ bums who never worked a day in their lives and never paid into the System don't really give a hoot, as they know that Obama will provide the Welfare and special interest groups Entitlements that they have come to depend on, never breaking a sweat and EARNING their money... and we are talking about 4th and 5th generation welfare, AND the illegal aliens...LOL! Sorry, I was not raised that way, and you all know my personal history, good and bad, like an open book.

And on that point, I want to make a few things clear about 'sniping' and abusing the "flagging feature" on Blog spot, and other Web sites. Many times, COWARDS who hide under their rocks, don't have what it takes to meet me/ us front on to discuss or criticize our posts man to man, and are chicken to post their own email address--- so they just "Flag" my/ our posts to try and get me/us into trouble with Blogspot. [Thank you, Dirk, for making me aware of that! Dirk writes a great, informative on-line Journal. Please visit him.] Hey, I welcome a "Human Review !" But let me inform everyone that what is not "Politically Correct" is NOT the same as telling the Truth about an issue!! People love to misuse/ abuse the 'right' to Flag an article just because they disagree with the TRUTH! We are NOT a totally SOCIALIST nation, just yet. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama might be working day and night to make that happen... and it just COULD happen with the stroke of a pen in the Oval Office at 2 AM in the morning, secretly-- but we still have some of the U.S. Constitution to defend our precious 1st and 2nd Amendments... YET.

And on that note, I remember my dear high school days at Waterford High School in Wisconsin in the mid- '60's with some great teachers that really cared about us kids. I was a History buff anyway, but I remember a lot about World War 2, and what led up to that terrible take over in Germany. The average Germans were NOT good leaders, and after the French punished them so badly, over the top, breaking their backs in heavy retribution for so-called 'war damages', the country fell into a GREAT DEPRESSION in the late 1920's-early '30's, and they LET A CRAZY 'MESSIAH' sell them out and stole their honor, sanity and common sense. The first thing Hitler did was to DISARM the nation! After that all the other Freedoms were systematically taken away-- as the people could not defend them with out firearms! History repeats itself BIG TIME, and you are seeing it right now in front of your very eyes in D.C. Beware! Once your freedom is lost-- it will be very hard to gain it back-- if at all.

Have a great, safe day. We have a heat wave of 22 degrees F. above today!! Woo Woo!


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