Monday, February 9, 2009

Minorities Don't think that Racism applies to Them.

Tom's Journal.

After being coup-ed up with the Flu for a few days I invited my wife to go out shopping, etc with me and I thought I would get a quick work out at the Gym/ YMCA in Kenosha, WI this morning too. So knowing the limits of my disabled stamina I went to the YMCA first, while she waited in the foyer reading the paper while I still had drive and spirit... lol. After the short work out and shower I did the hot whirl pool and then the Sauna, where I met a nice gentleman who greeted me and after a bit I learned that he was a Christian and a architect having a hard time locating work in the area. You meet some very nice people at the Spa who have good manners, are helpful and cordial, and I also have a few old buddies and friends who work out there that I have know for many years. And my doctor tells me that I need to work out on a regular basis.
But when I got back to my locker there appeared a Mexican guy who always liked to look for/ start trouble, but I just ignored him. Soon his buddy came up while I was yet getting dressed into my street clothes and he joined in the verbal abuse and he actually started touching me with his finger on my body--and I told him immediately to STOP TOUCHING ME! He continued as I tried to hurry and get dressed, and I repeated myself several more times. I walked out of the men's locker room hurriedly and went straight to the front desk where I confronted, Chris Doonan, Membership Director, at the "Callahan Family Branch" Kenosha, YMCA. His email: Tel. 262-654-9622 ext. 211. I pointed out the 2 Mexican-Americans [I assume they are legal...] and told them the problem, so he took me and my wife into the nearby office to take down my written complaint, and then we left to do other business in the city.

Now, here is the point, and I will gladly take a lie detector test to prove what I say... Right away the offending man named Jose came walking up to me and the manager to disavow what I was telling the manager, but what you you expect?? They tried to play the 'race card' on me by lying that I was making fun of Mexicans. And then I called him a liar to his face, but he figured that it was 2 Mexicans' word against an old disabled white man. I can tell you what will probably happen now. The manager will feel intimidated that because there are two minorities involved in this 2009 politically and racially charged climate-- that the Mexicans might try to claim "DISCRIMINATION"! ... and he probably doesn't have what it takes to stand up and do his duty to tell the truth and prosecute. I read, study and talk to people about how the modern day cries of 'discrimination' often trumps the TRUTH of the matter, and few entities, cities, schools will have enough where with all to fight for right--- and that's what has happened to our Nation! It's the same with Prayer or Christian fellowship at the grade school, college campus and Military colleges now days, but it's 'politically correct' to go that extra mile for Muslims, and any kind of minority. I worked hard and paid taxes all my life so why can't I be heard? For these very reasons I printed/ posted-- most Liberal TV "news" stations will not touch this article! It's too controversial.

And especially after Mr. Obama's Presidency, we have noticed a noted characteristic and 'attitude' many minorities have now. And they still don't believe or understand what the word "prejudice" means. Nor do they understand [or want to understand] that ALL kinds of people can be racists, whites, blacks, browns and yellows. Up to now, they only thought that it was a "White thing" to be racist. And just think about how many people, young girls, etc, who are too intimidated to stand up, speak up and report verbal and physical abuse that I have mentioned.

On my left shoulder are tattooed: an American flag, and under that, 'Jesus is Lord,' which they also made fun of in the locker room. They figured that they could get away with these insults and abuse because there were two of them and only one of me. I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and even though I was half naked, crippled, I know I could have severely beaten them both up good... but then the YMCA would have banned me and called the cops who would have to be very careful to "sort things out" and watch out for any "mention of racial discrimination." But outside the Gym, on the street, things very well would have been a 'different story' and I might have dealt out 'justice' in short order... remember, I am a 'crazy Veteran...' LOL. But knowing the law and present day 'legal system', they would team up and lie about the event and I would probably end up in jail, with all the Lefty Liberal Judges now days. Nothing is sacred, and certainly not Truth and Justice. Well, let us just see how this comes out. I will forward this post to a few people to see what they think.

We live in an 'upside down' world and even the USA, where the 'Narco' country of Mexico is very unstable and people wonder WHY we don't do anything about the massive violence, plus human slave and drug traffic/ cartel isn't being addressed by ANY Administration! Could it be because Mexico is our number 3 supplier of OIL?? It's a power keg down there, but no Congress or Administration or Party will even try to help. Just check out real News Webs and TV like, Glenn Beck on Fox News. The facts are that, increased murder, rape, robbery, theft, KIDNAPPINGS, and DUI's are spilling over into [and ruining OUR economy] our country, and even up here in Wisconsin we have the epidemic! And who do you think is primarily responsible for the heavy load of unlicensed, uninsured drivers in our Southern counties of WI that border IL and the big corrupt city of Chicago down there? BTW, we also have 'catch and release' of illegal aliens in WI. It's not rocket science, but you won't hear about the real cause on TV.

And yes, it does take real GUTS to say and post this subject. It usually takes a disabled combat Veteran to do the dirty work of putting out the truth.



garnett109 said...

It was The Y.M.C.A?
Take them to the showers and beat the living hell out of them and tell management they fell on a box of Spic & Span , I'm sure he'll listen to you the next time.

Paula said...

I don't know the answer to these things but Johnny G. sure had a good answer.

Possum S. Hemmingway said...

The only people who can't raise hell everytime their feelings get hurt is white people. Good for you for taking a stand and tell Jose to go to......Mexico.


sober white women said...

You know it is so true! I have to be on the look out at my son's school because they will favor the mexicans over anyone else.
I have been fighting for years to get my son into o.t. and finally a "professional" said that the illegal children get the stuff first because everyone feels sorry for them.
I lost it! He is now getting services.... or so they tell me, but I have not seen any improvements.
Please tell me why I as a white american am being discriminated against?

AGirlNexDoorCreation said...

wishing you a good week Tom..TerryAnn