Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Never say Never.

Tom's Journal.

'Never say Never.' My wife just called me on the phone sobbing/ crying, and asked me if I would let her come home and back into my life as a wife. I told her, 'YES' ! We will get some Christian counseling and try harder to pick up the pieces and get along and on with our lives. According to her, that is her expressed wish-- and mine also. She said that they had a group therapy session at the 'safe house' last night and she found our and confessed that she has an addiction to 'lying, spending, and getting credit cards behind my back' over the InterNet. I told her that we will still have to figure out and share house cleaning responsibilities at home and it won't be easy. Our personalities clash and that also needs to be worked on. I personally believe that if a couple puts all the trust and faith in God and follow the BIBLE and read/ study it regularly-- that they can work things out. But I was honestly PREPARED and put it all into God's hands-- weather she wanted to go her own way and divorce-- or reconcile. I figured that if I apologized 100 times for my faults and promised to work harder on my personality flaws, I really could not do any more to convince her or move her into making some decision. I figured that it must be God's Will either way and get on with my life. That's the way I feel about it. A man [or woman] can only do so much as a human being. I got some good advice from Rob in CA-- to just say, "Yes, Dear" to everything the wife says... lol. I guess we will play it by ear and try harder. But I know my blood pressure sue did shoot up with many more hurts, pains and physical trouble brought on by this sudden crisis. Death of a spouse, losing a job, going bankrupt are also top hitters on the stress list.

Thank all my Internet/ email/ blog friends for all their support and prayers. Thank Rob and Penny, from Ventura, CA, who called my by phone last night to encourage me!
He is a Vietnam Vet too, so we have a lot in common. Thank my Australian Vietnam Vets for their kind emails, and everyone else.

Well, I understand that this crisis in my life is NOTHING compared to the coming 'storm' that is going to happen in the USA and world of economic collapse and revolt/ rebellion. Again, I need more input as to WHY there was a 'run/ rush' in the U.S. to buy up all the Ammunition/ bullets shortly after Obama the clown became President... but I kind of already figure that the red blooded Patriots and those who cherish their Constitutional rights, freedoms and the 2nd Amendment 'smell a rat' and may be honing their instinctive survival skills by buying up certain "commodities." Only combat Vet understands what I am talking about.

Sharon will come home to a much cleaner, more organized house, as the cleaning lady came today and worked hard for 3 hours just trying to clean the kitchen, etc. But she loves to chat so much... lol. The VA gave me this cleaning service once a week that they farm out to different franchises to help some physically disabled Veterans who have a problem of bending over to get at/ clean hard to get places, etc.... and how happy I am to get some help! I also want to advise the disabled Vets to check out 'CHAMPVA' for their spouses health/ medical concerns-- good free benefits to deserving Vets' wives!! I only hope that Obama won't steal that from us Vets too... Woo Woo! Praise the Lord.



sober white women said...

I am so happy that you guys are going to try to work things out. I know how hard it can be. My husband and I are very different people. The other night he asked me why I was yelling at him. I was not mad at him it's just that he just happened to be there. Poor guy.

madison said...

I'm really glad you and your wife are going to try to work things out. As for me and hubby well, we got the east meets west thing going on over here and sometimes I just have to reign my wild indian in and remind him where I'm from, lol.

garnett109 said...

Glad to hear good things are happening for you.

Paula said...

I wish you and you wife the very best.