Monday, February 2, 2009

'When all else fails-- Read the Directions.'

Tom's Journal.

Here is a pic of my good wife, Sharon, cutting up our own organic garden tomatoes for canning. PLEASE BE CAREFUL-- because I keep my knives sharp! Ouch! >>>

Genesis 19:26 "But his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt." Talking about Sodom and Gomorrah being destroyed and Lot's wife [her name not even being important enough to mention...]. I well know that we all don't possess super intelligence,smarts or co-ordination, skills, and I mess up often every day of my life, these days too. But with some people you have to baby sit them for all the dumb 'accidents' and things that have to be replaced after they ruin/ destroy them.

I have said that I love my wife and I will not desert nor abandon her no matter what mistakes or lies she has told me from the get-go. But today, again, she cut her finger on a sharp knife that I got in the mail [from Cold Steel--and their excellent knives are always super sharp. I am a knife collector], with a warning on the handle that said, "WARNING: READ THE ENCLOSED INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OPENING THIS KNIFE!" Actually the company gave that particular knife to me free,as a gift-- and now I know why... lol. Beware of the "KUDU." She has cut herself and hurt herself many times since I have known her these past 4 years by her own admission-- but she just can't seem to trust and listen to my warnings and info. Is this a 'Women's' Lib' thing?? I am certain that Satan is behind THAT org. too... lol.

I have gone thru life pursuing many things of interest to me, learned, studied, read, researched and became an expert in certain fields and skills, and I love to share my knowledge. I love to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ because we are commanded by God to witness about our faith and salvation in/ of Jesus Christ.
I enjoy veggie gardening, wood carving, carpentry, welding and building, study of healing herbs, throwing knives and tomahawks accurately, etc. These are SOME of my hobbies and skills. Many old friends and acquaintances know and respect me for my knowledge-- except my wife... LOL. Ha! Why, oh why, do I lack creditability in her eyes ? I don't want to micro manage everything, like Bill Clinton, and I wish that people could use their own life's experiences and knowledge, and God given COMMON SENSE to figure things out. And why is it that when I choose to stay in the truck and ask my wife to go into the store for something, and all I have is a $50 or $100 bill, she makes sure that she spends all but a few pennies of it?...Ha! The Pastor has told me that he knows of many other wives who do just that...

If, unfortunately, I had to learn a lot from my costly mistakes and blunders, why can't I spare those whom I love and care for-- those same mistakes ?? My father used to tell me, 'let your kids find out for themselves !' He had the idea that in a young person's life, teen age years, that they think that 'they KNOW IT ALL', and they don't listen to their parents advice anyway -- so why get upset? That was my Dad's way of thinking, although he did personally teach me very much in my life... praise the Lord. But mom and dad never taught me much about finance. And it seems like the rest of the Moms and Dads in the USA didn't teach their offspring much about FINANCE either, Congress especially !! Woo Woo!

I remember a friend who had lots of money from his skilled trades job at AMC as a 'tool maker' who owned a powerful fishing boat who took me fishing way out on Lake Michigan. That is a big, scary, cold lake that has claimed many lives
-- even some of my young boyhood friends from grade school. And we were fishing for Coho Salmon, German Brown Trout, [and I love to eat fish!] etc, and we went so far out that we could not see the coast line. Well, we had life preservers, but the issue was that even in mid-June, the water temp was so cold that a human WOULD die in 15 minutes as we were out so far-- 8 miles out; just like the movie, 'Titanic' -- from hypothermia! And you often hear me rattle on about my Army experiences, how the Drill Sargent's used to tell us what and what NOT to do--because our very lives and our fellow soldiers who relied on us depended on knowing the CORRECT info. I am thankful that the D.I.'s were so hard and strict with us! Same way with the Bible being God's Word. He is a loving God who wants all to take advantage of His only begotten Son's ransom sacrifice and follow Jesus Christ-- to escape hell and eternal pain.

Question: IF a man or woman is deemed a good teacher by his/her peers and tries so offer kind advice to friends and loved ones-- who is to blame if the receivers don't want to listen or act on that wise council ? YOU tell me.

Your kind comments and sound advice is ALWAYS welcome and appreciated. that is how friends are made, IMHO. Have a great sunny day!
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COVENANT NEWS - News and Commentary - Monday, February 02, 2009

I can't believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers pulled it off in the last few minutes of the Super Bowl game ! Wow!



sober white women said...

I am a very open minded parent. I let my children travel the world, teach themselves school, and I TALK to my children. I demand that they put so much in savings, so much to the church. I have not given my children much but I have them some very strick guidlines as far as money goes.
I wish my parents had done that for me. They never even spoke of money.

natalie said...

umm she is sensitive because she is a woman and she needs your support
p.s. fresh food is great!