Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Road Trip/ Appointment at the VA today.

Tom's Journal.

Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride (Solid Gold) Woo Woo !

We all have our personal demons and insecurities/ phobias to contend with for/ because of real life situations or imagined. I am still susceptible to panic/ anxiety attacks probably from past circumstances/ events both in combat/ RVN [Vietnam], childhood and the past 40 years of my life after combat. Traumatic, life threatening injuries, accidents and 'near misses,' mistakes, wrong moves, blunders, or just being inthe wrong place or with the wrong people and trusting the wrong people. Live and learn.

I am not going to air all my dirty laundry, but there has been plenty of legitimate studies done to show that combat Vets have many challenges in common. Growing up with my family-- my Dad who was wounded in WW-2, Saipan while serving as a Navy Sea Bee, made him a different person. He could not stand the smell of frying bacon which reminded him of human flesh after a flame thrower got them, sudden loud noises, unexpected gun fire, etc bothered him, even though he tried to hide it and 'act normal' these things made him angry and apprehensive. And so when you multiple and amplify combat by many months or years/ tours like the new young warriors / soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, you can expect more problems when they get home! And.. don't worry, no matter what that lying clown in the WH [White House] 'promises', mark my word, the combat Veterans will most likely get the short end of the stick [as always], cheated and shoved in a closet, not to mention secret illegal human 'medical' experiments. Reason? They will blame the economy and they would rather spend the money on illegal aliens or some other bail out/ social entitlement, or a bridge to no where.

Well, every tax season I get anxiety/ panic attacks from past experiences that the IRS can dream up if they get a wild hair up their anatomy. Today I have to go to a requested/ mandatory doctor, VA appointment to get a refill of a necessary medication that I need, and I want to take my wife, but she is too sick to go... [as a witness] because I know that they are fond of asking me too personal questions and trick me into saying something that could be used by them to cut my disability benefits. I AM NOT PARANOID! So I have to be very alert and 'on guard' when ever I go to the Milwaukee VA clinic/ hospital at 5000 W. National Ave, Milwaukee, and I hear plenty of other Vets tell me the same thing in other parts of the country. Well, enough of my bitching this morning. I also think that many Wisconsinites are suffering from 'cabin fever' and the Winter blues. We really thrive in Spring, Summer and Fall up here, but after New Years things sort of go down hill, unless they are into snowmobiling and Winter sports, IMHO.

I also have a number of older buddies and church friends who have debilitating illnesses and discomforts who will not be long for this earth... and that cuts down my circle of friends that took many years to cultivate. But we of the biblical Christian Faith totally understand that they may well be the 'lucky ones' [the blessed ones] who are going Home to be with the Lord, with no more sickness, pain or sorrow! What a grand hope we have! That is why death frightens me NOT-- but loss of Jesus' favor and hell truly scare this old man. It's true that He forgives all my sins, but I am trying harder these mature days and years to better myself and 'walk the walk.' PTL for my email friends!

I encourage those who trust me enough, who know my mind and heart to use email as a vehicle to visit/ talk and discuss the deeper, more personal aspects of my/ our inner most thoughts, values and deep love for God, His Word- the Bible and the fast moving prophecies that are coming true right now in early 2009 here and in the world [with the "news media" that so conveniently filters out]. Europe and Asia are falling apart faster than the USA is!! And when they start to run out of FOOD, expect to see whole nations dissolving over night. We CANNOT put our trust in our guns, money or wit-- even if we SHOULD be self efficient/ prepared, and ready to defend our Freedom! I well know that it's hard to put blind faith in an "un-seen" God, but that is exactly what will save us true believers. I remind you: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; and lean NOT unto your own understanding." -Proverbs 3:5

Now-- off to the lion's den... LOL. Have a great, safe day.
P.S. Would you believe that I just got back from one of the WORST SCREW BALL, ignorant bunch of clowns experience ever?? The air head female that I saw only worked at the VA for one years and was completely slack jawed and ignorant, named Cathy Anderson, Rm. 42098, 6th Floor, and promised that I could pick up the needed medicine in-house after I saw her, but when I went to the Pharmacy I got to in front of a sarcastic jerk named, Joel Kaszinski [booth #3, about 1:30 this aft.] who told me the med was already shipped out, and would take any where from 5-7 days to get to my house [and I have been out of it these past 3 days already...]... duh, and then he made fun of me when I told him that I would certainly tell my WI State Rep. Paul Ryan and also write about him in my on-line Journal! This is why I get panic and anxiety attacks when ever I HAVE TO GO TO THE VA for any reason! I did wait for them to put together a 'partial' pack of meds to hold me over...
The good news is that I met a great bunch of Veterans in the waiting room, most that were in Vietnam [but it doesn't matter what year or action that they served in/ with],and I even gave a pocket bible away to a Vet after eating some chicken in the mess hall while waiting for my meds to be processed. I got a little preaching and witnessing in, so maybe the Lord used me in this fashion.
I am home now and my wife is baking some banana nut bread that I smelled immediately when I walked in the door. I will feel better this evening as I let the frustration and anger melt away.

But... Friends, this is what you can expect from 'Messiah' osama and the 'Dims' when he/ they 'change' the country's health care system! Lots of Luck! "Change we can believe in'... right..lol.



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