Friday, March 20, 2009

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I was listening to Milwaukee Christian radio, FM 107.7 WVCY while driving to the health food/ herbal store in Antioch,IL today after having fish with my wife at a near by restaurant. And I believe it was CrossTalk that I caught a discussion that I wish I could quote, 'Politically correct' is just another word for Socialism's desire to shut down the real truth guaranteed by our Constitution so that some special interests can gain a foot hold and force their narrow viewpoint on the rest of us.

Well, then the subject was on 'modern' music in the church now days and how church music USED to be SHARED and PARTICIPATED IN by all the congregants/ church members, but the NEW AGE mentality, fleshly, tree hugging ways have most certainly crept into the church, just as they were more of a source of show/ entertainment as in the Middle Ages. Some churches go way out spending MILLIONS of bucks for the best "auditorium" sound equiptment, lights, theater type 'shows' where the crowd just stands there and listens-- instead of participating in Scriptural, MEANINGFUL SINGING. I will not name the churches today, but some of them just keep repeating the words, 'LOVE, LOVE, LOVE over and over again, not unlike modern day rock 'n roll, or New Age music. That was the main thrust of the discussion. I comparing the new church where we are going, and I would be a lying idiot if I didn't notice the differences there. They have a super, dynamic "worship team' that has great quality and perfect harmony-- and I would again be lying if I said I disliked them. The church, RBC, also has the congregation join in singing other songs and some are traditional. I don't want to be classified as old and inflexible so I am giving my wife and I a chance to get the whole picture... as they have mostly good points there.

What I fear is getting so deep in a group that I get pulled along with the 'herd mentality' and lose my main love of the Bible and it's teachings. If that makes me a doubting Thomas-- oh well. I have felt myself getting swept up in different organizations before that took me 22 years to exit and clean out my mind and heart from all the error ingested. For the most part, I see the people wearing "good clothes," and by that I mean better quality clothes than what folks normally work and play in. The person who claims he has nothing better to wear is usually a liar who can't manage his money or has the wrong priorities. Even going to Goodwill Industries is OK. The word/ term 'HOLY' means: 'set aside for a special purpose', and the book of Malachi chapter 1: 6-9, God asks the priests and people why they offer diseased, blind and sick lambs/ animals to Him and then have the nerve to ask, 'How have we offended you, Lord?' The Lord told them, 'Try offering these type of bad sacrifices to your Governor and see how he likes them'....Ha! They just might lose their heads/ killed for that kind of insult! Really, for all the thousands of dollars kids spend on clothes, shoes and entertainment these days and then walk around and go to church like pigs/ bums off the street-- does this show proper respect for the Lord of the Universe whom they claim they love? On the other hand, I never could understand a church building with a low ceiling, with no windows and NO FANS [for security reasons-- I know] and expecting the men to wear full suits and ties with no air conditioning !! Lack of planning or just total stupidity? I don't even want to be around people who are so short sighted and Legalistic! In far apart places like the American West, where there are no churches, groups of 3-5 families, etc., meet together every Sunday and read/ study the bible and sing scriptural hymns together, and what is wrong with that? That is what the early Christians did in the 1st Century until they could afford to erect a proper building to meet safely. And even now days, Christians are forced to meet in secret for fear of being jailed or killed for their public Christian meetings in many countries, and I suspect that may be coming true again in the not too far future. Right now, I am happy for the fact that Christians are using the Internet for sharing, witnessing, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, soul winning and encouragement! That is the MAIN purpose and reason for THIS Blog/ Journal, although sometimes I wander off the beaten path or get side-tracked.

Let me thank the good Christian sisters for their capability, tact, kindness and right words to help our believed friend, Natalie, to get the correct understanding of the scriptures,with their loving comments and help. Thank you!

Sharon has been coughing day and night for the past few weeks for what she calls, "her heart cough" and she claims she feels the blood bunch up and collect in her chest, etc. She has always been kind and considerate of me when I have been sick or injured these past 4 years, and I thought, 'what a great loving nurse I have !' The last time she left for a while I found out in a hurry all the small but important things she does for me every day, like taking care of the dog and letting him out to do his 'business', etc. I realize that no one wants to here our complaints, but then how would we know who and when to help and pray for? There have been many deaths in the last congregation/ VBC- church in the past 5 years, and I always think to myself, that in many ways the 'dead' are fortunate that they don't see or live anymore in such a violent, perverted, corrupt, polluted world as we must-- the living.... and the apostle Paul had the same inclinations/ observations, with physical pains, but told God that he was the servant of the Lord, and realized that he, Paul, must continue his mission and life journey until the 'Master called him home.' 'Our's is not to ponder why-- Ours is but to do or die...'

That's all for today, folks. Bless my good, special friends in Christ, Penny and Carolyn! Hoo-Rah!


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