Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Book by John Piper!

Tom's Journal.

Hi Guys and Ladies!
I can't say enough good and happy things about the new book my wife and I are reading now. "Seeing and Savoring JESUS CHRIST" -- by John Piper, who is the author of the best selling book, "Fifty reasons why Jesus Came to Die."
Just think, if you suddenly wake up to smell the coffee [and I don't even drink the stuff... lol, but I like the scent/ smell of it], and find out that 99% of all the news, hype, everyday mundane things that bug us, worry and stress us, are simply garbage/ trash, that should really be discarded-- just let it all run off your back and concentrate on the reason you and I were put on this earth-- to GLORIFY JESUS CHRIST! I know that this 'sounds too simple' to work, but it makes for happy people who serve the Lord, mind their own business, pay their goofy taxes and bills... but we can and should be a 'happy people!'

Every once in a while I find a book that helps me figure things out and I want to share the good things I have and have learned with YOU! Buy the book--yesterday.

Warm Regards, and I did get a little sunburn outside today in Wisconsin,



What I Suspect for the Cause of Autism

and a chemical to avoid in home cleaning products:
Glycol BUTYL Ether should be 'on the list'
of most probable cause of Autism (check links)
... Autoimmune Issues * .... & Cancers, too *
Be Careful what you clean with
The worst pesticide *
Look into glycobiology for help .... glyconutrients

Red ring around mouth could be an autoimmune issue that 2-butoxyethanol would cause. I noticed a number of posts about this on MedHelp discussion forum
I write these web pages to share about what I've learned about this chemical:

EGBE is an organic solvent, a neurotoxin, a pesticide, a teratogen (damages our genes & causes many birth defects)

... a poison !

It is not without research

A side effect is abnormal body temp ... abnormal blood pressure ... abnormal blood sugar

Track these

farting with diarrhea or flu symptoms (what exposure looks like)

Yahoo Discussion forums on this topic



What I Suspect for the Cause of Autism

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