Monday, March 2, 2009

The Screwed up, Disorganized Milwaukee VA system.

Tom's Journal.

I can't believe how disorganized, sloppy, lazy and dead beat the Milwaukee VA 'hospital' continues to be, even on March 2nd, 2009! The 'doctors' and the Pharmacy continue to drop the ball, and then lie and cover up their constant blunderings of NOT GETTING THE NEEDED MEDICATIONS TO THE DISABLED, SICK, HURT,INJURED VETERANS on a timely basis! I just found out that the reason that I could not get my regular meds for my PTSD, of which I was awarded a 100% service-connected disability rating 6 years ago--- was because Dr. Jon Lehrmann was promoted to a higher management position, and instead of notifying his patients about the matter, his just let them flounder and figure it all out by themselves. I have a few 'doctors' there for different problems of health, so it's a 3 ring circus. But when I do call up to hold their hand, all the staff don't know what is going on either and that makes for a big, rotten ball of confusion and big time FRUSTRATION. This has been going on ever since I first walked in their doors in 1970. It don't matter what Administration in power at the time, Dims or Republicans. Disabled combat Veterans ALWAYS get the crumbs off the table while illegal aliens get first rate health care. Why? The Illegal Mexicans are better organized and MORE VOCAL!

Yes, there are a few Veteran Orgs that have done some good-- but not enough. I will get into the finer points of why, how and maybe latter. I have my Republican State Rep. Paul Ryan, looking into this royal VA mess, but I fear that things will get so bad economically here that we will get shoved father away from the PROMISED health care that our Gov't lied to us about.

Veterans: If you don't open your mouths, emails and hearts to organize and be more vocal, you will not get your rightful DUE. Please look at the posts on my Journal that expose what the Gov't, Army/ Navy did-- using us as test animals and Guinea pigs over the years!! Wake up and do something. Let us start here with my own Blog and collect all YOUR complaints. I will try to save them until you all think that we have enough and then forward them to our State Reps and Senators, IF YOU WANT. The last person that I talked to at the VA today even advised me to "make as much noise as I can" and she agreed that the 'system was all screwed up with many problems.' Don't you just love how they 'transfer you to another specialist/ expert that is supposed to help you get things straightened out and it turns out to be another 'wild goose chase' ?! Ha! Talk about Gov't bureaucracy going to hell in a hand basket... lol. Fellow Veterans, NOTHING IS GOING TO EVER GET DOWN UNLESS WE DO THINGS OURSELVES. And as we grow old, we are supposed to trust these incompetent morans?? This is where a good , smart, spouse or caretaker can REALLY be of assistance and help. When ever you go to the VA hospital or any health care place, ALWAYS take your spouse or a trusted friend with you-- for a witness, support/ guide, extra set of eyes and ears to CYA ]cover you anatomy..]. And we need to sit on the new wounded Vets to make them understand that the Vietnam Warriors already paved the road and fought the 'VA wars' some 40 years ago to get what they had coming. But for some reason the young guys who are wounded and hurting from Iraq and Afghanistan are getting dumped on and screwed again just like we were! Younger Vets|: GET WITH THE PROGRAM and link up with us older Vets so you can learn to navigate your way thru the lying, cheating VA mess correctly !!! Please, for your own good.
Thanks for your readership and don't be so cowardly to share this with other Veterans.

Tom Schuckman
Union Grove, WI 543182


Lou said...

Why am I not surprised that you are treated this way.
I have been disappointed before, but for the first time in my life, I really fear the path the USA is on.

Conservative Scalawag said...

And just think, this is what Obama wants for Universal(socialize) health care.

Me,I don't even bother with the VA anymore,just go to my PPO. Sure I gotta pay for it,$25 co-pay,but it is worth it.