Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Report on Sharon, and other thoughts.

Tom's Journal.

Hi Friends and Readers,
I was very happy to see and visit with one of my sisters who flew all the way from AZ to take a mini-vacation up here in WI to see Mom and her siblings, and then help me so much too. She helped clean my house, visit my wife in the hospital, etc., and I love her dearly. She has served in the Air Force for over 20 years, been over seas, is happily married with 2 great daughters.
But she is very different in her thoughts, ideas, personality and philosophies than I am--- as I recently found out lately. Claiming like most people, Americans, to be "spiritual" means absolutely nothing to me or to God Almighty, and I bet those types of people don't honestly know what THEY mean either... but that is OK, fine with me, no problem... live and let live! It would be a weird, goofy world is EVERYONE were just like Tom ... Ha!

I, obviously understand that we are all different to a degree, with different intellects, thought patterns, passions and view points, and I am NOT trying or going to lambaste anyone for being different than me. I took several 'personality tests' to tell me what I already knew, and VA 'doctors' have tried to pigeon hole me with PTSD, etc, plus my friends-- and I am who I am [like Popeye used to say]. I have always been 'serious', studious, book reader--but also very physically active in sports, hunting, fishing, farming, power lifting, but also a writer, journalist, very passionate about certain things, having a 'game plan' and trusting in certain things or people, organizations-- until I found salvation in Christ about ten years ago, yet constantly learning new things almost every day. My Mom, whom I love dearly, but is a bitter agnostic, will say, 'whatever helps you to be happy and works for you...' I think I discovered that my sister, Susan, is pretty much the same way. I am NOT being 'NEGATIVE', judgmental, condescending or 'holier than thou' fully realizing as I told Sue yesterday at lunch, at Marina Gardens in Kenosha on the Lake, that I am a no good, rotten, sinner deserving death and eternity in HELL---- BUT, I am saved by GRACE through my belief and total submission/ acceptance of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I confess my Faith in Him daily to others and in prayer. [Now you see-- many people just can't handle that or understand!] Ain't that a mouthful... lol. For me and all my fundamental, Biblical Christian brothers and sisters all around the world, Christianity is more than a 'belief system' -- IT'S A WAY OF LIFE! Even as I stumble through life every day and sin, fall short of the mark of perfection, appearing somewhat negative at the world of violence, greed, selfishness, corruption and mockers of God and His servants-- I KNOW that my sins, past, present and future, are FORGIVEN, only because of the ransom sacrifice of Jesus. God had to whip me, beat me into a more humble man before He could 'use me' [just like the Army tears a man down to nothing to humble him/ her-- and then REBUILDS him into a trained, educated warrior/ soldier] and form me into a 'mouth piece' to further His purpose, sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation-- but also the Divine Warning of the soon coming tragic storm of His anger and wrath for all unbelievers and enemies!! And I know that sounds very 'NEGATIVE' and 'mean' to many unbelievers, but that is the real TRUTH of the Bible-- not my own expansion or revelation. So... I don't invent, create, or foretell -- I merely repeat/ share what the Bible actually and accurately says, be it blessings [positive] or curse ['negative]! Same as Noah's " NEGATIVE" ministry ordained/ commissioned by God Almighty, etc.

My dear, beloved sister, always gets that look, like a dog staring into a fan on a hot day-- and my words are foreign to her, IMHO, because she just doesn't believe, or Satan has blinded her eyes-- like the greater majority of humans on earth. And that hurts me, but it's just another fact of life.

|If all my friends, readers and peers tell me that I have all the 'tools' to make a good witness, soul winner, evangelist, with a high verbal aptitude, but I still can't get through to those I love-- I have to just admit either that something isn't working, or that person is content [and full of..] with him self and their lifestyle and doesn't feel the need to know Christ the way the Bible teaches. Even Jesus could not touch/ reach the hearts of the evil men when he was preaching on earth; and had to use strong ['negative'] language to get His point across. And he gave instructions to all His followers to 'knock the dust off their clothes and MOVE ON!' In the case of our loved ones and relatives-- all we can do is to pray for them, be kind, patient, respect them and set a good example. You can't force a mule headed person to drink life's water or love God according to what the Bible says. That is the sad fact, and I am hurt to see my loved ones turn their backs on Jesus Christ. I feel I know just how much to witness/ share with them, and I am 'testing' our friendship/ relationship ever time I see them. How would we feel if we had the cure for cancer or diabetes--- and wanted to share that for free with our loved ones, but they were so ignorant and stupid so as to dump us and turn us away. God doesn't want ANY HUMAN TO GO TO HELL AND HE OPENS HIS OUT STRETCHED HAND OF SALVATION TO ALL MANKIND-- but the Bible makes it clear that FEW will become true followers of His Son, Jesus Christ-- the ONLY salvation for mortal man!!

I hope I have made myself clear on this matter. Let me just say that I don't HATE ANYONE, even though I get frustrated and "negative" sometimes. I am just passionate in my service to God, not desiring others to perish in God's soon coming wrath as we are now in the real "end times"before the Lord comes back to claim His 'Bride'-- and then return with the sword. That is one of the many things I need to work harder on. But I will NOT hold back from telling the truth as I see it. And as my Mom and sister think that the pure TRUTH of the Bible [and other things] makes me sound 'NEGATIVE', I will have to live with some folks mis-characterization of me, and disregard for the TRUTH that sets men free. Amen [so be it].

I talked to Sharon today, and she is doing well, and likes her nurses and doctors who are very compassionate and kind to her. It's going to be a BIG day for the both of us tomorrow and my anxiety level and blood pressure are up too high. If anyone wants Sharon's hospital room phone number to encourage her tonight before early surgery in the morning, just ask me via email. Needless to say, she is always very fatigued, weak from her messed up heart, but she did tell me that she got a good night's sleep after I brought her breathing device [CPAP] yesterday and in good spirits. She wants to get this business over with. I am sorely disappointed that more people with whom we associated at the old church could not- did not find the time to visit or call my wife, until I had to call them, and the buck SHOULD stop at the "top." Yet, I bear them all no ill feelings, as they must have some excuse to stay in their comfort Zones... And that is one of the reasons Sharon chose to move to a church closer to our home in the boon docks/ country side. I just felt that the more prayers for her-- the better. Thank you all for your fine, warm comments, prayers and well wishes! I tell Sharon and report all the stuff I read that is posted and commented on this Journal.

Bantrickster--- Nobody is Gonna Break My Stride...

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Wisconsin, USA


garnett109 said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sharon

madison said...

I do hope everything goes well for your wife tomorrow. I've been keeping her in my prayers.

Lou said...

I enjoyed this post, and like you say
we must just respect and set a good example.
It's reassuring Sharon is in such good hands. She is in my prayers tonight.

Carolyn said...

Tom, excellent post again- I too get upset when those who I love so much won't or can't see the truth. So many people I know are "spriritual", but when I tactfully tell them that being spiritual doesn't necessarily mean anything, and that even the devil is spiritual, they get the same way- what's right for you is great... crickets. It is frustrating. Especially when people think we're hatefulbecause we preach "that book"- but are blind to the fact that we love them so much we can't bear the thought of them going through the end times with the ac, and then hell. People will always scoff,but some will eventually hear and see. Since we don't know which ones will eventually have their heart changed and believe- we need to keep at it. God bless you and Sharon Tom. I pray everything will go OK tomorrow. God Bless

Doreen said...

Hello Tom, As always, your words are a blanket of love. It can be painful to be human. It can be comforting to accept that we are human and God really does know what He is doing. 'ALL' we have to do is let our light shine. And... when we don't know what else to do, we can always pray. Both you and Sharon are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing and remember to take care of yourself too:)

Leslie said...

Hi Tom, we have been praying for Sharon and wanted an update to how she is. She is still in the prayers!


sober white women said...

I do hope that all goes well with her surgery. I am here for you guy's. Chin up everything will be fine.

Dirk said...

Hi Tom:

Our prayers are with you and Sharon, believing for a totally successful surgery.

When it comes to being a better witness to others than with loved ones - John 4:44 says,"For Jesus himself testified a prophet hath no honor in his own country." Total strangers will many times listen more eagerly than family members. It doesn't have anything to do with you.

It's very obvious to anyone that you don't hate anyone at all, just the sin. I love your heart & you, brother Tom.

When you can, let us know how Sharon comes through.

Your Brother in Christ,