Sunday, March 15, 2009

Waiting for the Big Hammer to Fall.

Tom's Journal.

<<< A picture of Sharon canning tomatoes from our organic home garden a year ago.

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I shook [Pastor] Wayne's hand after he gave a fine public talk/ sermon today at 0900 and gave his wife, Carol, one of my carved cherry wood 'clinging crosses.' He told me, 'Tom, we are friends now and you don't have to call me pastor.' I said, 'OK.' He wore a suit and tie today, but he maintains that he feels more comfortable just wearing dress pants and long sleeve shirt so that people don't feel 'intimidated', and I want to be open minded and flexible enough to see his point. I suppose to some-- I may seem 'out of place' with a tie... lol. He used the terms, 'brand and flavor' this morning referring to different 'Christian' churches/ denominations/ titles/ names that we call our selves, and the fact that approx. 80% of Americans call themselves "Christians", but they won't really, honestly take a stand for Christ and the Word. He cited Matt. 7:21, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter." ANYONE can 'mouth' the words and parrot things that 'sound like scripture' or make a pretence of pretending to be something or someone! But the proof is in the pudding. Many churches have been hijacked by the Social Liberalism as they like to 'tickle the ears of the church goes' asking for more money too often for 'charities' which are not bad in themselves--- but they WATER DOWN THE GOSPEL and suggest that their followers vote for politicians who push IMMORAL bills and agendas like ABORTION, SODOMY/ GAY legistration, evolution- teachings in the schools, etc. The churches are becoming [Bible] -functionally illiterate!

The new church were we attend now has stuff that is somewhat different to me, but they follow the Word, and have bibles and song books under the seats, and most of the people bring their own copies of the BIBLE-- and people seem to be genuinely friendly, kind and courteous. I know that there are tons of people hidden in the 600 plus congregation who would make great associates and friends, and in time we shall meet them. Sharon likes it there and enjoys meeting all the new people-- and that is what I want for her!

Sharon seems to be getting worse every single day with heavy chest pains, trouble breathing, walking any distance [like one room to another],and relies on her oxygen all the time now. She coughs and hacks constantly, and we pray together often. I worry about losing her and being alone again! Yes, sometimes we fight and disagree-- but we are both working on that, and I don't want to stress her too much, so I end up letting her have her way, for now. She made a great beef tenderloin yesterday,with carrots, onions and mashed potatoes, and it was so nice to just warm it up today after church [RBC] in Sturtevant. 52 degrees today in S.E. WI and sunny! What I like about Racine Bible Church is the fellowship and how easy it is to just walk up and say hello! It seems that the folks there go out of their way to welcome people and get to know them. It's a short drive from our house.
Wednesday is when my wife goes to the hospital for 'pre-admission' so I gave her the Dodge Ram with my power scooter [and Oxygen] in the back to get around without fainting for lack of air. She is quite sure that she will be OK and she is a good driver. I just might go with my wife to make sure things are OK. I am getting more stressed every day thinking about it. I have to stay home to watch the old [VA] cleaning lady do her work. I just might want to replace her if she continues to drags her feet and yaks non-stop. Seems like she just can't talk and work at the same time...Ha! Sharon gets irratated because the woman puts stuff where we can not find it afterwards. But the doctors/ surgeons will make a decision after that for a possible angioplasty or open heart valve replacement... and that will shiver me timbers. Request many prayers from all my precious friends and readers, please. When your spouse is sick and in pain-- you suffer too. I just hope my back gets better before and during that period. I rely on Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

A lot of military men have been "baptiszed' by the fire of combat/ battle-- and have come to know and believe that a loving God is in control of their lives from minute to minute, and it's soothing to know where you are going if your life is cut short in a heart beat. Do YOU know for sure that you will go to heaven if and when you die??? Have you read and studied the Bible enough to know what God actually wants of you, and ae you "going thru the cramped and narrow path" against the normal flow of misguilded, misinformed society in this wicked world of Satan ?? If you the answer is 'NO', what kind of explaination will you have when you stand in judgement before God? Too busy? Too tired? Too much entertainment/ TV, Sports?
Have a great day!



Lou said...

Telling it like it is as always!

God Bless Sharon.

madison said...

I remember as a kid going to church and every man in church wearing a suit and tie, even the minister. All the women, even in the cold winter months, always wore skirts or dresses.
Nowdays, it seems like anything goes. Since most of my church is elderly, the do dress nicer than the younger folks, and the elders who preach always wear a suit when they preach.
I have to confess to wearing pants in the winter and boots because between the snow, ice and mud, winter boots would look funny with a dress, lol.
Glad you like your new church and will be keeping your wife in my prayers.

Paula said...

Saying a prayer for your Sharon and for you too. We only had ten people at church today and they are all friendly too. It is quite different then the one we used to go to who had anywhere from 800 to 1000 present on any given Sunday.