Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Ready for Sharon to Move to Rehab.

Tom's Journal.

Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (Gordon Tribute)

I made a list but only got some of it done today, as usual, and lost track of time. I came in after noon-ish to see Sharon and brightened up her day. She writes things down on paper now to communicate with me for a better understanding. She told me the name of the Rehab place she will be transferring to when it's time. I brought her a bag of navel oranges and other treats, and bought her a CD/ radio with batteries for a pleasant diversion, but she says she loves to read the bible too. I brought her a half ton of mail/ letters that she can shift thru in her leisure.

This is NOT criticism, but the physical therapy people came about an hour into our visit and kind of insisted that she go get her walking done to strengthen her legs, etc., and I know that is important, so I left at that point.
I just thought of something I forgot to give my wife today!! See! I should have looked at my list before I got out of the truck.

You know-- actually, I get a good feeling when I visit Sharon too! I get to kiss her and rub her shoulder, etc., and see her progress. This reminds me of Proverbs 27: 17, "Iron sharpens Iron, So one man sharpens another." We just finish studying that chapter at the church bible study last Sunday. What it means is that 2 people of the 'right godly mindset, who read and study the scriptures to be a better warrior for Christ-- will "sharpen" each other as they talk, visit, work together for one common goal. Those are the real true brothers and sisters who take Christ centered life SERIOUSLY as they help and sharpen one another in the Faith. I am afraid that those kinds of brothers and sisters are RARE now days. I kind of found that out the hard way these past 3 months... lol. Better sooner than latter when my life hangs in the balance. I would rather have one of "those soldiers" in my fox hole fighting for my life!

The social worker just called me to tell me that the original plan or Lakeview, near Waterford, can't take my wife, because they down have a bed for her....Ha! So know 3 other Rehab places in Milwaukee are evaluating Sharon to see if they can squeeze her in-- but we think it will be the one in West Allis [but the way they change their minds-- don't bet the next month's mortgage on it...lol]. MILWAUKEE is about 35 miles away with gridlock and crime!! Seems like the Army did a lot of 'hurry up and wait' too...lol. Woo Woo! So you see, you can NEVER depend on anyone to meet your needs and do what they are supposed to. In Sharon's case, they need to wean her from her ventilator. I believe that most of the needles and hook up are out of my wife's body, arms, neck, etc., and she is able to walk to the bathroom now with assistance of a nurse/ helper.

An email friend, Debbie, told me to beware of 'Murphy's Law.' And... it ain't over 'till it's over. I am not going to complain too much because I am still high for the great healing and blessings that have rolled our way in the past few days of Sharon's recovery. Praise the Lord! The Social worker said that she missed me and was looking to talk to me today-- but we missed each other, and she has been very helpful to us, her name is Sue-- nice lady. Seems like she knows what buttons to push to get things accomplished, and I appreciate that! They were actually looking to transport Sharon today or tomorrow! At least she called me a few minutes ago and meant well. Things will work out. And now I need to look for some inspirational bible CD's for my wife to listen to and relax. We are praising the Lord for ALL our blessings, and we both look forward to seeing each other every day!

They weigh Sharon all the time, and she lost 49 pounds in these past few weeks in the hospital !!! Wow! I figure I only lost about 20-30 from doing more around the house and getting in and out of the truck, unloading my power scooter, etc. But we both did it the hard way with too much stress.

Time for me to take care of a few chores and then watch the goofy "news" on TV. Check out Fox News at 4PM., or the BBC, who are not on the Liberal Left's payroll.

Latter, Friends



garnett109 said...

Well that is good news that sharon is ready for rehab.

Lynne said...

No matter how you look at it, no one will take as good of care of your loved one as you would want them too. I pray she'll be placed in the best facility with the tools and resources (manpower) to give her the best care possible. I know this is probably stressful to you waiting to see where they place her but let go and let God. She has come such a long way from when she first endured this medical crisis! Blessings!