Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chrysler could go down the tube.... Oh well.

Tom's Journal.

A close friend who used to work with me on the AMC/ Chrysler assembly line called me a half hour ago and had some sad news for me concerning a union meeting he just attended. Looks like everyone there will get screwed and tattooed including the retirees who worked and paid into the system for 30 years or more....and because they recently signed a pact with the "devil" in D.C. they now have to dance when ever 'he' whistles. There is no free lunch, unless you are in a favored, specially connected group, but even the Dims will start changing their tune soon. Well, I still don't know all the details, nor did I even hear about the Union meeting until an hour ago. But I figure that we will be poor pretty soon and the union contract-- just like the Constitution, is nothing more than a scrap of paper. But those Union boys shouted from the top of their lungs how great messiah obama was going to be for our Union-- Local 72 UAW in Kenosha, WI !! 'Party with the Devil...' and then pay thru the nose latter... Ha!

Not that Mr. McCain was so much better, or less corrupt, and he would have only 'prolonged the inevitable' -- crash of the world markets, etc., but I believe that he had more respect for the 1st and 2nd Amendments and the rest of the U.S. Constitution. What always gets my goat is how humans will always grab at anything to save them... except that soon to be outlawed name, Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Master. Perish the thought that mankind would EVER stoop so low and humble themselves under the mighty hand of God Almighty, Lord of all things. Oh well, I was young and dumb at one time too, and trusted in my own 'power' until God truly humbled me in a vigorous shake up way. But now days with all of the 'signs of the end times' it's hard NOT to see the Bible prophecies coming true, IMHO. I don't believe that what the bible calls pestilence [disease] has visited us except for the Spanish Flu in 1919, and the more recent AIDS epidemic... and the jury is still out on how bad this new Swine Flu will get. But I am not too worried about this Flu thing as we have bigger fish to fry, IMHO. Time will tell.

When I heard years ago [and perhaps from the 'wrong people'] that these last days [end times] before the Trib would be so terrifying with humans running around like headless chickens, or horrified wild life in the jungle when a lion roars... I thought to my self...' "Self", it can't be all that bad.' -- and I have been in combat before. But when there is a real prospect of losing your health insurance, money, investments, job and pension for yourself and family, and maybe your house and car... maybe that would get you rattled. And go figure that most of our US News is filtered so that we don't really know how bad the rest of the world is doing-- collapsing , and sliding down the slippery slope. So our Gov't isn't all that clean and pure as the white driven snow-- but by the time most Americans wake up to figure that out-- it will be too late. And by the time most Americans and the world finds out that Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer to mankind's problems-- IT WILL BE TOO LATE. Because after the Rapture-- people 'left behind' will be S.O.L. [surely out of luck...]. To be sure, Christians will suffer just like everyone else-- but for a season [a shorter time]... but our pain will be temporal, and we have the Holy Spirit to sustain/ strengthen/ help us. But we might get skinny and lean, and we won't be so fussy either.

Like I have posted a hundred times, it's a matter of humans having too much PRIDE and arrogance, and being so full of themselves-- so that they just cannot/ will not HUMBLE themselves to accept JESUS! I believe that is the long and the short of it, friends and readers. It only took me the last 30 years to figure that out too. Another analogy is medical surgery, where you are humble enough to make an intelligent choice to endure the short term pain of surgery to remove a cancer, etc., or just let it consume you with an even more prolonged, painful death. And you have to put your TRUST in some imperfect 'doctor!' How much better to put ALL of your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ? Yes, it does take a certain amount of Faith to do both things. But Christian Faith is not 'blind' as the "wise" unbelieving humans say it is. More on that subject latter-- and I really don't have that much time right now, these days, to argue about the 'small stuff' that ignorant unbelievers really don't want an answer to, but they just want to 'steal my time.'

I plan to see my wife tomorrow, and take her home on Friday, according to her doctors, unless they change their minds again. I am starved for good 'human' conversation.


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Chris Geiser said...

You posted, "I plan to see my wife tomorrow"

Sounds like you're a loving husband, Tom. Keep it up dude and be a light to all those hurting couples out there. Checkya later alligator