Friday, April 24, 2009

'Common Sense is not part of our social fabric these days.'

Tom's Journal.

I heard a good one today: 'Common Sense is not part of our social fabric these days.'

I learned and collected many good and funny slogans, sayings, proverbs and truisms in my life and sought after wisdom-- only to find out that only a real understanding of God and the Bible will yield that.
And even with some smart and experience, I still get 'stuck' too many times-- but I can at least diminish the rip offs a bit due to 'lessons learned.' I figure the height of all stupidity would be going to hell forever. Even a person in the career Army, or someone doing time in jail [except a lifer] knows that some day he will be free if he keeps his nose clean, IMHO.

I fear that Sharon doesn't have many to talk to in her private room/ hospital, and her mind is not being 'sharpened.' Remember Proverbs 27:17, 'Iron sharpens Iron' ?? I am happy that she has good books to read, but her mind may not be used to good conversational talking, yet. I miss that too, and my dog has his limitations...LOL. I did spend some time with him outside and got too much sun on my face and chest as I baptized the gas grill with 2 great sirloin steaks, plus I roasted a leg of lamb in the oven-- as I am finally getting the hang of it's operation. I will also try to charge my scooter batteries with a special motorcycle trickle charger in the morning. I will be sure to make it to church this Sunday too. And I can't believe that the indoor air temperature is 79 inside my house right now! I would HATE to turn on my A/C in April, but I do have a few good fans.

I guess I will have to drive to the scooter dealer to get the wiring or short repaired next week anyway, and I wish I could get my 'old batteries' back from the store that replaced them. It's stuff like this that frustrates me and puts me in a foul mood-- and it's the lack of good available service on products we buy now days!

Well, Chrysler really looks like it's in dire straights and bad shape right now. Go figure, we have a contractual agreement where we were promised benefits and money for our retirement THAT WE ALSO CONTRIBUTED ALL OUR WORKING YEARS-- LIKE 30 years worth, and we stand a chance to lose it now! It's a crime, and even those pension funds are guaranteed by the Federal Gov't !! I bet that will humble plenty of people and anger a few red necks [no offense intended], and I just might be one of them. I don't EVER want to hear from some myopic wimp that we were over payed, because few men or women can pull that heavy weight day after day! I have seen a few hundred new hires come in one day, and a few dozen walked out at noon and never came back.... to rough of a job. Just think if the Gov't did that to the military [but never the Congress..Ha!] after their retirement 20-30 years after they put their lives on the line. I bet there would be a new president in a heart beat..Ha! Do you suppose Janet Napolitano knows something that we don't ?
Just another 'Dim' dog like Pelosi. Oppps, that wasn't any negativity coming out-- just the plain old TRUTH! I don't have much respect for the RINO's either [Republicans in name only] as most of them are corrupt too.

I figure that Sharon is getting bored enough and well enough to ask for an early parole from the hospital-- and then we can relax and sort it all out. The pix I took of her are worth gold to me and it reminds me how much she suffered. The German cleaning lady told me today that she would never dream of going thru all that torture-- but that she would rather just die! I love the Germans and their language. But they constantly look for perfection-- and being imperfect humans, they go around frustrated all their lives, IMHO. I am German too, but I strive for excellence-- not perfection, on earth. I am not about to have a heart attack or stroke trying to impress any human. The Bible teaches us to be BALANCED! And many people who appear to be perfect are often hypocrites with 'secret sins' that they hide. As a Christian matures biblically and spiritually -- he often improves, and everyone has a different speed that they mature, and still have things to work on up until they die. It's not up to me to judge people, however, I can see, hear and observe what people do. But-- not to worry. We all have bigger fish to fry right now as we all lose everything-- unless we are one of the few--well connected Dims, or 'special groups' that got their boy elected. Right now I am making huge bets with people that we won't have the same currency a year from now. Nobody will take my bets...
Keep your squirrel rifles well oiled and clean, and your bibles and gun powder dry. Don't trust too many 'stocks and bonds,' but pay OFF your bills and plastic NOW! You will all WISH you were still here in April 2009... one year from now. You are going to see many so-called 'friends' abandoned you in your hour of need, especially if you call your self 'Christian.' We will be the 'New Order's' pariah, and there will be a huge 'separating work' done on earth as never before. Judging by how the 12 Apostles died, things won't look so rosy, but rest assured that our salvation is very near. When I ran track and field in high school, we had some great coaches who taught us to focus on one thing-- winning! It's a mental discipline that soldiers are taught too. If you DON'T pay attention-- you might become a casualty of the roaring lions that walks the earth-- Satan. Don't be fooled by that wily old cat. Keep your clothes on and stay alert. There will be time enough to rest in heaven, my friends.

God bless all believers! And I am afraid that excludes most of my own family. Sad. But everyone has a choice.

Sharon just called me to say good night-- so I will too. I will try hard to visit her soon, maybe Sunday. She is trying to 'shelter' me from undesirable news, etc., so I won't blow a fuse or have a cow, but I need to know all troubles, secrets and failings to make the correct decisions to protect us from evil.


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Lynne said...

Hi Tom, hang in there! I concur with keeping the wife's mind active. I did not see you mention a TV. I wonder if that would help in the absence of people?

God Bless!