Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Saturday with my wife.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon was in MUCH BETTER SHAPE AND HUMOR today at the hospital, still in CCU, but the respiration tube is out of her mouth and lungs, which is a big improvement. She is always happy to see me and loves to hold my hand.
The staff had to insert an "inflated cuff" to her tracheotomy thing to assist her in breathing for a few days, so she can only "mouth" the words, and I can't read lips that well. They took her off the 'drip sedation' meds so she is very alert today and showing signs of strength and recovery. They will send her shortly to a different Rehab area closer to me for a couple months and probably won't be able to help me plant our annual Victory organic garden, so maybe I will get some helps from a few trusted friends who are already volunteering. I have an 'inner core' of true blue Veterans/ fundamentalists who are loyal to me-- to the death, and visa versa. The 'eagles' are circling to help the neighbor in need. Years ago and even now, we had a tight system where we would rather 'trade services' rather than hand over filthy lucre. 'I will give you 2 bushels of potatoes for one bushel of carrots, etc, or paint your house for some quality welding, old Tom.' Stuff like that. I suppose that might be against Mr. Obama new laws pretty soon--- Big Brother in the WH... lol.

Well, I am resting a bit more now that is seems my dear wife will be OK, even with the long row to hoe. I have learned some powerful lessons, and even as some heartless pigs have sought to hit me in the guts when I was already hurting bad enough aleady with worry and depression with my wife-- but then such cowards lay in wait for some person to be injured so they can stand over him and gloat. When will these FOOLS learn that you NEVER kick a Veteran when he's down.. unless you know for sure that he's dead ??! Mess with a bull and you'll get the horn. Praise the Lord that I am a believer-- lest my sword or bayonet be red! I will have to let the Lord take care of them... and hell is forever! Forty years ago I would have driven a 1000 miles to visit a plague upon my enemies, but not now. I have pretty much cut them completely out of MY/ OUR future, at least for the next 50 When I just mentioned some of the heartless escapades and accusations against me to Sharon this morning, she opened her mouth 10 inches open and gasped. Sorry folks, my Lady is 100% loyal to me and will take MY side against all odds and all people. That's kind of nice to know-- rain or shine.

I was cracking open my bible today at her room, telling her what and how we studied last Sunday at Racine Bible Church in our small bible study class with Wayne B. leading the study, in book of Proverbs 26 talking about the "fool." Actually the bible meaning of 'fool' is: 'someone who says there is no God.' So... Never call a 'brother or sister' fool! Actually that was punishable in ancient Israel, but I would not want to have God judge me latter, in the future for saying that word toward a brother in the faith. But now-- the world is FULL OF FOOLS, and I personally believe that there are quite a few in high office... lol, Congress and else where....
I better stop now, before they cart me off to jail for saying "un-American' things...Ha! Ha! !@#$%^& [smile--joke]. This is my personal opinion.

Here are my my personal predictions for the next two years of sooner. Christianity, the Bible and Christians will be attacked, persecuted in the USA, and donations to churches and charities will not be allowed for tax write offs. There will be many assaults on our 1st and 2 nd Amendment right these next TWO years, or less. The economy may show a little 'sign' of recovery, but in reality there will artificial shortages to purposely agitate the people and stir them up towards revolt so Obama can jump in and intervene and use "Executive Privilege" to sneak his personal "One World- One Gov't} agenda thru while the Congress is on vacation. The gov't is actually 'LOOKING FOR A TRAGEDY TO THEY CAN TAKE OVER AND BAN ALL OUR RIGHT AND LIBERTIES!! I will make plenty of enemies now by also saying that there is NOTHING MAN, GOV'T OR NATION CAN DO TO STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. Why? Because the Bible tells us that THIS is the way God will "allow" things to happen-- to fulfill bible prophecy. And at the precise time/ minute Jesus will come back to set things aright... and then EVERYONE ON EARTH WILL BECOME "believers" but only His numbered sheep will have His 'mercy, protection, and kindness.'

Happy Easter --- Happy Resurrection Day!


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Heli gunner Tom said...

great news mate Congrats from down under mate
Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Australian Vietnam Veteran
Gold Coast

Carolyn said...

Tom, I'm sorry I haven't posted a comment long before now.I've been lazy and just replying via e mail! I am so very glad Sharon is doing better! She may not be able to help you with the garden this year, but I know she'll love being able to eat from it! As far as your predictions- I whole heartedly agree ! Things are going to get worse, and no, I am not a pessimist either, but we know the Bible. Things get bad until they get best for true believers! God Bless!

beachmom15 said...

I'm glad to hear that Sharon is on the road to recovery. What a wonderful Easter blessing. Have a great week.
Lisa (lisita15)