Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Note.

Tom's Journal.

Quick note. I drove the 200 mile round trip to have my scooter repaired 'up North' in Sheboygan, WI., by a giant man named Matt whom I get along with pretty well, and brought my dog too. It took him 2 hours to repair the loose female receptacle that accepts the charger plug -in pig tail. Who ever made/ installed that part FORGOT to secure it with glue! We think that it or parts may have been made in China.... Ha! I was happy that we got it fixed and for free-- but also ticked off that the manufacturer didn't do it right the first time. Matt said, "Poor Quality control." My scooter is a big, strong tank compared to most of the other small scooters and is made to go out doors more so, and speedy, about 7 mph +.
I called Sharon when I got home and she said the doctors now want to keep her a few MORE days to make sure that her Tracheotomy incision is healed all the way to accept the full force of her CPAP machine that allows her to breathe right when she sleeps.
I don't want to sound winy but this is getting old.... lol. I am sure that Sharon is tired of the lonely hospital too after a month of pain and suffering. Some folks would prefer to just die rather than suffer through all of that trauma. She thanked me for calling.

I am kind of worn out already and it's only 11 AM, but I need to do a few chores before I relax too much.

Please offer prayers for my dear friends Robb and Penny, Ventura, CA, who also suffer with physical pains and discomfort. Robb is a Vietnam Vet too, and you better know that if WE don't stick together and support one another-- who will ?? Penny is still very active in her preaching and witnessing work.

Have a great day!



garnett109 said...

Keeping everybody in my prayers,sounds like they are milking your insurance?

Robin said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for your service to our country!