Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Re-inventing the Wheel.

Tom's Journal.

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There are plenty of movies/ comedies about it, but when the woman is gone, sick or missing from the relationship/ house-- many times the man has to re-learn or 're-invent the wheel' about many things and operations at home... LOL. Well, it's like everything else, people become experts of sorts in their own little worlds/ stations in life, as things are delegated, and they also have developed a "system" of where they put things!! Ha! Frankly, I am partly hamstrung in finding things and how to run things in my own house because my dear wife agreed to always 'take care of that stuff.' But now that she is more 'vocal' on the phone and in person, I am learning how to do things and where she hides things.

I have also learned [or it finally sunk in my head] that, like Charles F. Stanley and Adrienne Rogers say, 'God will hurt you-- but never harm you.' To His own believing children/ followers in Jesus, God will let us suffer for going down the wrong path in the short run-- so we don't miss out on everlasting life in the long run--eternity. It's not much different that a loving human father who might inflict a little pain in a boy's youthful behind so the lad doesn't go down the foolish path leading to destruction. When ever you meet up with people who have a chip on their shoulder or a messed up emotional system-- chances are that they came from a dysfunctional or truncated family, usually from a broken home [or PTSD from combat..] . But right now in the year 2009, there is so much demonic and destructive worldly human influences that it's a wonder any of our kids even survive!! They should have gone to school when and where I did... lol, Waterford High School--class of 1967, in Wisconsin! The teachers were not above slapping the snot out of 'tough guys' and jokers.

But I don't care to live in the past anymore; I must force myself to look to the near future. Just THINK of how fast things are moving in the present, with corrupt politics, shredding of our Constitution, American way of life, and other countries failing too, economics. Most people are just plain scared, confused or just so ignorant and looking for personal gain or a HAND OUT FROM THE OBAMA GOV'T--- to take note that this was all foretold. I confess that I don't have faith in ANY political party, system or human on earth-- no matter if he/ she is looking to help and fix things. NO HUMAN CAN DO IT! Only Jesus can remedy the world wide situtation! Too bad I have not completely understood the details of God's Will until recently when Jesus woke me up through a traumatic event, the help of a friend and new church. It was easier for me to put my faith and trust in 'tangible' visible things and people, like most other humans on earth [and all through out history]. People in my own family still think this way, and I have been beating up myself for 'not being able' to adjust their illogical, agnostic mind sets and reasoning.... But just read Matt. chapters 10 and 11 to figure out that this stuff will happen-- where families will be split up and everyone is a 'free moral agent' able to make up their own minds and hearts as to what and who to believe in. Most will choose anything BUT being accountable to God in Heaven!! PRIDE is a bad, dangerous sin, and our worst enemy. I used to be very prideful-- and that's why it took so long for me to get right with God and be a REAL follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. And now I am seeing more progress, with the Holy Spirit calming me down with more 'fruits of the Spirit.' ~Gal. 5:22.

If any of my friends and readers can identify with what I am saying, or have a similar story, please forward it to me. I will not publish it unless you give me your permission. But I think it's good to bare the soul, if just to show others and demonstrate how humility works in our Christian lives. I have even taken a few pointers from people who abused and tried to destroy me, choosing to accept the tiny nuggets of truth in their poison! In the book of Hebrews-- there is a place where 'God scourges those whom He loves.' Someone help me with that, please.

We believe that Sharon might be on target to come home in 2 weeks-- if she continues to progress as well as she has. I talk to her on the phone about 3 times a day. As soon as I can charge the batteries on my power scooter-- I will see her in person and visit longer. Thank you for all of your prayers.




garnett109 said...

My Debbie does most of the stuff around here, there are a few things that I can do to help her but limited to my disability.
Hoping Sharon gets better soon.

Dirk said...

Your experience is like mine in the kitchen. My wife has everything in a certain place, & after just two years, sometimes (many times!) old habits kick in & I look for things where they used to be for the previous eighteen years!

My years in public school were much the same as yours. There was no such thing as time out, misbehave, and get worn out!! With a paddle!

You're so right about the amount of demonic activity now, & it will only get worse as we draw closer to the Catching Away. We have to be on our guard now more than ever.

Glad Sharon is still improving, & I hope she gets to come home on time.

Your Brother in Christ,

madison said...

I'm glad your wife is doing so well, she might get to come home soon. That's great, maybe in time to see the spring flowers starting to bloom?