Friday, April 17, 2009

Sharon has gained her speech back today.

Tom's Journal.

Sharon finally got her voice back although higher pitched and she can only use short sentences because of reduced lung/ air displacement. She told me to bring her tennis shoes tomorrow and some other items. It was good to hear her voice again, even if she balled me out for not showing up today... lol. I was totally burned out from driving and traveling every day of the week, getting in and out of the truck and unloading the power scooter multiple times, etc., going to many and special stores to get her wants and needs. She is doing more walking now and it's important to get her legs firmed up and back in shape.

Well, maybe it is too soon to tell, but perhaps she will have to be on oxygen for the rest of her life... but that's OK with me, and we have the means to take good care of her. PTL. The older VA appointed cleaning lady was here to clean our house again today, but I have not messed up too much in 2 days time, plus I am more independent now in figuring out how to do and find things at home. However, when Sharon gets home, we shall sit down and learn exactly where she hides everything so I don't have to run out and buy more. The house is much more neat and clean now with room to walk freely, and I try to keep things clean and orderly. Sharon was very sick before with the heart valve ailment, etc., but both of us didn't totally understand just how bad it was! Things will be much different now that we know what our limitations are.

I heard long ago that people become more emotional after they have had heart surgery, but I don't know if that is true or not.... something to do with the 'bundle of Hiss.' I also know that Psalms says that God 'screens off' some of the graphic events that take place in the body, unborn developing infants, etc., and so the medical people induce a deep, forgetful sleep so that the patient doesn't have to endure and witness the surgery and recovery. I truly admire and respect the new techniques and skills, developments of modern medicine, except that sometimes their [doctors and nurses] egos get too big and they are so full of themselves. With all the complexity and damage of Sharon's organs, etc., we know that 200 years ago, she simply would have died long ago, and perhaps me too,with all of my injuries. But now, we may very well see the Rapture, or at the very least-- be able to witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others for a season. We figure that God must have had some reason for allowing us to live on thru all of our injuries and operations/ accidents. I figure that a smart, well read Christian ought to take advantage of this gift of life and do as much more for the Lord, instead of pursuing his/ her own interests and pursuits, or at least be balanced.

Years ago I had worked long, saved, invested and looked forward to the time when I could retire comfortably and enjoy some of the fruits of my labors. Recently my way of thinking has changed-- as we are alive to work for the Lord until He sees fit to call us home. Jesus is to have the major prominence in our lives! but many so-called 'churches' have truly failed Him and watered down the Gosple, especially these past 100 years! Like the parable in Matt about the Servants and the Talents-- I hope that I [we] can use the last remaining days and season of these 'end times' to produce more 'fruit' for the Master, forsaking the rest of the worldly refuse, like Paul said in Philippians. I re-read that small book today while sitting on the picnic table in the back yard with my T-shirt off, getting some much needed sun.

I have been going to bed very early these days to catch up with lost sleep and rest.

Darlene Zschech - Shout To The Lord


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garnett109 said...

Your a good man tom.Glad to her she can talk again.she'll probably have bouts with depression but that'll be normal.
enjoy your weekend.