Sunday, April 5, 2009

Proverbs 26: All about "The Fool."

Tom's Journal.

After church at RBC, I drove directly to see Sharon in Kenosha,WI and got the update from the 2 male RN's on duty. They and the doctors are very concerned about her breathing tube down Sharon's throat, that MUST come OUT in the next 72 hours.... or it could adversely affect her vocal cords with permanent damage! I know that each individual is different, but Sharon is especially weak and with a damaged heart, and it is too traumatic to keep inserting and yanking out the respiration tube from her throat so that it has and could again mess up her heart rhythm. So, if she can't breath on her own in a short while they want to do a tracheotomy with minimally invasive surgery. When we discussed this with Sharon today she strongly shook her head "NO" and cried more-- that she didn't want that / more surgery!! I had a hard time today understanding what my wife was trying to "tell" me, besides that point about more surgery.

At this point in time I have to take the medical staff's view that something has to be done, and quick. I will see the doctors tomorrow early at 0800 there and get the whole concerted spectrum of thoughts/ ideas, and where to go from here. This is hard for me to go over my wife's head and wishes-- but I know that her respirator is holding up her recovery process, and she NEEDS to have the power of speech to tell us what needs to be down, and then she can eat again and talk. I have the power of attorney, and Sharon and I have discussed these things in depth long ago concerning any contingency plans and who would take over and carry out our individual wishes if tragedy befell us.

My son, Andy, and his girlfriend came over to visit me and I forgot about our meeting engagement after church, so I rushed back from Kenosha when they called me. I want the very best for all of my 3 kinds, all grown and in their mid-30's now, but he 'hooked up' with an AGNOSTIC woman, age 33, who thinks that the bible is nothing more than a fairy tale and there is no God. Oh No! Not again! His last wife was agnostic and full of herself! So I tried to be gracious and cordial but they are into everything that I am against, and she 'knows it all' How many millions of other Christian parents have the same challenge with their kids and relatives. Well, I threw her a few curves and used pure logic with her, like: they claimed that they don't believe in anything that they can't or didn't personally witness, like History or the Bible. I said, what about electricity and the wind?? I then said, you don't believe Christan men wrote our older laws and Constitution based on the Bible?? Who carved those things on the Supreme Court building, etc. in D.C.?
Let's face it folks, the REAL reason people don't want laws or people's Christian based attitudes and mind sets is because the immoral, lawless people DON'T WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO ANYONE--- God or man!! That's nothing new under that sun. People want to smoke pot, do drugs, get drunk, live together immorally, do the sodomite thing, and enjoy the same degree of respect that other righteous, law bidding people enjoy! A lot of that stuff started in the 60's with the "Free Love", Do your own thing, college crowd. I was one of them, but I chose to read and follow the bible, and go the more traditional life style way, albeit flawed and sinful as I was, with much to learn and back sliding a lot, until I found the Lord.

As we all know, all we can do when our kids are older and independent is to set a good example, TRY to reason with them and pray for them. Remember-- that few will survive the Day of God's wrath. They would say that I am always 'NEGATIVE' with this sort of message about God and the Bible, but in reality, I have more joy and peace now then I had in a long time! Is it "negative" to have a loving God who protects me from evil and wickedness by laying down a set of Rules that keeps me relatively healthy and out of trouble?? It's pretty sound logic to me. And in Bible study at church today we were studying all about "THE FOOL" Proverbs 26: 1-10.... verse 11: 'Like a dog that returns to it's vomit is a fool who repeats his folly.' My good friend, Wayne Bielgaard, conducts that Bible study every week at 0900 at Racine Bible church. I love those kind people. Remember? When I get down in the dumps and sort of negative-- I just press that invisible 'Jesus Button" in my heart that is hard wired to my brain. I do feel a bit over whelmed at my present schedule and Sharon's failure to recover quickly-- or at least make better progress. I love her more every day and don't want to lose her. If she survives this, we could have a good, better marriage and something good for our efforts, even as the world is slip-siding into a Socialist hell or no recovery. And to think that my son's girl, thinks just the opposite, that the Christian church will take over and be oppressive as in the Middle Ages... Sorry, I have not got the time for another thought about her.

Now I have to open and set the new alarm clock I bought to get me up early tomorrow morning to meet Dr. ??? for consultation, etc. I trust him with Sharon's life.

I am endeavoring to delete most proper names so as not to "offend" anyone at the hospital.


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krissy knox said...

I think the best thing for Sharon would be to have the surgery. Speaking is very important. I just sent you an email. Hope I wasn't too hard on you, LOL. I see now that you have been going through a lot with Sharon for a long time with her heart and all. Take care, my friend, and know that I will be praying for Sharon, that she get better soon,

krissy knox :)
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