Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Veterans Resources-- thank you, Sheila.

Tom's Journal.


The 2009 edition of the Federal Benefits for Veterans and their Dependents has been released in pdf format.

It can be found at our website at:

and at the VA website at:
Stop & See The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears
May 21st - 25th 2009
L.Z. Rainelle - West Virginia Veterans Reunion
Rainelle, West Virginia

Agent Orange Victims & Widows Support Network
Home Of The Agent Orange Quilt Of Tears

Sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance


Do you know how to tell a real, true biblical Christian from one who only gives some lip service, or a 'CINO'?? The REAL Christians have enough 'Fruits of the Spirit', a relationship with Jesus Christ so that they preach, witness and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Yes, some of us are gifted more than others-- but it's the Holy Spirit that really enables a born-again Christian to speak the correct words he/ she knows to be true. Of course the real Christian MAKES THE TIME TO READ/ STUDY THE BIBLE ON A REGULAR BASIS to put that knowledge in his/ her head, so the Spirit can draw it out at the proper time-- just like putting money into your checking account BEFORE you write out the bills!
Time is so short. Please help others find the Lord while there is still time,and God will reward you, big time, with everlasting life!
If you have any questions or need some help on how to get saved right now by Jesus Christ-- just email me: If I cannot help you, I know plenty of people who can.

Thank you.

Tom Schuckman

'Jesus is Lord.'


Hafts Happenings said...

thanks for stopping by, I really enjoy you standing up for what you believe in, Praise the Lord

Jonathan said...

God reminder. Just remember that sanctification is a process. God uses life to develop Christ-like character, and life takes time.