Thursday, May 28, 2009

My views on May 28th.

Tom's Journal.

I love this song:

A recent pic of my wife and I at RBC [church] about 3 Sundays ago for that one week that she was home before she fell again...

I just got an email from a buddy who is also disabled, but he has it much worse than I do, as he was explaining to me. And another email friend, Helen, has a serious back pain problem. I certainly don't have joy or glee learning about other people's hurts and challenges, but it forces me to realize that I still have it pretty good in WI. I also may have been a bit one-sided and selfish in asking everyone to pray for Sharon and me-- but I have been slack praying for others. That will change right now.

The more I get serious in my Bible study and reading some great, Christian books these past 2 months-- the more my short comings and failings are spot lighted, and they show up like a fire in the night. We are 'convicted' by the Holy Spirit, and if we have the 'right heart' and knowledge of God's Word, we work harder at what we need to. That is what we learned today as we read from Proverbs 9 and 10 at the Rehab place.

I have always thought-- how can we imagine going to a perfect heaven where there is no sin or hurt/ evil, if we are so laden down with our immoral thoughts and pleasures of THIS world of Satan? The books I am reading say that the "Churches" who claim to be Christian have been invaded by the worldly things, pagan ideas, goofy, wrongful, accepted, popular philosophies of the world! We will never be completely perfect on earth-- but we ought to remain true to the Word of God and 'filter out' worldly thoughts, ideas, abortions and perversions of the world, IMHO. We can't just pretend and put on a show-- but we must get the true, proper mindset of God!

I believe that I have finally found the KEY to understanding and with it, a great JOY and HAPPINESS and LOVE -- fruits of the Holy Spirit !! It's as if I somehow discovered an herb that can heal cancer or diabetes, and I want to SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD. But as I have posted many times in the past, the majority of mankind refuses to accept-- to grab hold of it in time, even as much of the world hates the very name, JESUS! Although God is SO MERCIFUL that there will still be a chance of salvation after the Rapture and during the 'Tribulation', people will suffer greatly and have to literally 'lose their head' to get into God's Graces, from what I understand. Carolyn, please feel free to jump in and help me. Why go thru that 'taste of hell' ??

When you study military history or watch the History Channel, you find that there were some great military geniuses who gained the victory because of their brain power and cunning. We must do the same and get the RIGHT, godly mind set. Well, right now the devil has guided his earthly servants to create a huge global economic sinking ship!! And that is just one of the scary things that will befall mankind in the near future. Christians can now accurately predict what will soon come down the pike because the Holy Spirit has allowed them to truly understand the Scriptures! But even worldy economists can tell you that we cannot continue to 'SPEND MONEY WE DON'T HAVE !! This is NOT rocket science, but the Congress keeps rubber stamping the most stupid laws!! I also might think that the world will have a "limited" nuke war, but the BIG war will come at Armageddon, that will be waged by God, and He will be the Victor.

I need to have the dog's toes nails clipped, and Sharon always does it, so maybe I can get her outside the Rehab center on a sunny day to help me with that. I am afraid that I might clip him too short and make him bleed to death. Has any one done that?



Heli gunner Tom said...

A message from Helen:
Thanks Tom for your prayers, the only exercise I know to do is to build up the legs which help give strength for the back. I can only do a few without harming my back so most of the time I just don't bother. I don't know about losing weight for I carry to much also. I used to walk a brisk 2 mile walk each morning and it helped with the weight but I can long longer take the walks and that is when the weight gain started. It's is so hard not to eat which is the best way but NOT easy.
I know with your condition that you can't take walks or do leg exercises either.
I know all this weight is very bad for us all over our bodies including the heart.
Have a good Friday and a good weekend-may they be blessed ones.

Cathy said...

Helen, I have you safe and secure in my petitions to Our Merciful Lord. Tom my friend? You have such blessings as no eye could behold - for you've found the only true peace that will take you and Helen through the journey and back home, to Him. As any Father, He yearns for his children. Love to you both!

krissy knox said...

Sharon is beautiful! Didn't know you had such a pretty wife, LOL. My, my! Of course the most important thing is the beauty that is within, that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. And I am sure she is beautiful within also! :) Okay, Mr. Tom, must run --

Call me blessed,

krissy knox :)
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