Friday, June 26, 2009

Too Bad Congress doens't Read BEFORE they Sign.

Tom's Journal.

Hey Friends!
I get some great news, advice and heads' up from many sharp people/ places that I can and do match with my own opinions and research. Many of you already know some of these thoughts because I have emailed them to you privately via my email. I just don't want the very few jerks out there learning these deeper secrets and 'futures'.... you know, the ones who hide their name-- who have bogus/ false web sites where no body can really contact them... lol. Sorry for all the hocus pocus and 'cryptic' double talk, dear friends, but you can always EMAIL me to find out more.

Let's just say that IF a normal, average guy like me can uncover some BIG planned future event that will hurt many hard working people in this country--- it makes total sense that BOTH CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTIES AND ALL THE MEDIA knows about it too !! It's about every ones' savings, investments, 401K's and IRA's, and even our very currency. Actually, as Glenn Beck said today: 'If we really tried hard to devise a plan to collapse America and break it's economy-- Prez Obama is already doing that very thing right now with the Bills he is pushing thru Congress as I post this message!' [Paraphrased]. It also would appear that some 'main line' churches know about this business too but are not sharing the facts. But then again-- if I blab too much now, there just might be a 'run' on certain 'commodities.' Actually the Gov't is closing some of the loop holes right now. And... as always, the top, corrupt politicians will use anything and everything to 'blow smoke' in the public's eyes so as to distract them while the evil is being perpetrated. This is my personal opinion-- and a few others'.

Vast, new powers are being sandwiched thru the new Bills now being pushed thru Congress --that MOST Congressmen have not even read yet! Like 300 Amendments! Wow! Now I am talking about Dims and RHINO's not taking any positive action to at least read the thick legislation that could make us a Nation of paupers over night! And when the USA Socialist Gov't finally strips our 2nd Amendment, there will be no redress, no turning back, and we will all be slaves of the very few rich--well connected mothers on top. Satan surely is behind the whole show. It's incredible that other 3rd world nations are seeking/ fighting for FREEDOM-- while we are going to hell/ Socialism! It's not just the present head of State, but the 'One World- One Gov't' mindset.

We are also leaving Almighty God out of the equation, but He will surely keep His promise and step in RIGHT AT THE CORRECT, RIGHT TIME. In the mean time, expect things to get a lot worse here, and all over the world, because we are one big community affected by each others' actions. The KEY is to stay [for some folks-- GET Close] to Jesus Christ right now and stay in His protection. That means, READ and STUDY the Word-- the Bible.

I will be glad to answer any serious questions or comments.

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JihadGene said...

The job of a US Congressman is to do that which benefits said Congress member. We come way later,if at all. Don't you know they are too busy...for the children's take the time to read the stuff they push down our throats? Out here in the Central Valley of California the US Congress won't let us have water for our farmlands. Farmlands that not only feed our nation but many other areas of the world. Why no water? Because of a silly smelt. These fish are not on the endangered species list and are also found in Minnesota and Michigan who, by the way, better pay attention to this , as they may be next. Keep an eye on us out here. Nebraska is watching. It's a man-made drought and something is about to pop.