Sunday, June 28, 2009

The VA-- Doing what they do Best.

Tom's Journal.

My wife and I were too sick and sore to go to church today, Sunday, as she threw up all afternoon [she said-- from being outside in the hot sun for lunch in the back yard for 1/2 hour, yesterday]. And then her left leg was growing numb again--which is a bad sign, so I am NOT pushing her to do anything that is hard work, stressful, that might put her back into the hospital. And yes, it's like walking on egg shells or thin ice for me too. Again, you prayers are requested and needed, please.

I am into a new book again, by Randy Alcorn: "THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE". It's a relatively short, exciting book handed to me by my friend, Wayne Bielgard, from RBC [RACINE BIBLE CHURCH] in Wisconsin. There are many biblical, great, principles in his book that take you off guard and throw you up against the side of a big stone wall ! I enjoy it! More about that book later, but that book will bring you JOY, big time! I recommend that you all buy a copy tomorrow for $10.

I weed our veggie garden almost every day and water the tomatoes. The seasonal hot, humid weather makes EVERYTHING grow up here like 'Jack and the Beanstalk !'

I cannot wait to receive those BEAUTIFUL, LONG HYPO NEEDLES/ INJECTIONS IN BOTH KNEES AT THE MILWAUKEE VA on Thursday, July 2nd, for free !! It was 90 days since I had the last series of shots-- for bone on bone arthritis. And I personally know a group of close Vet friends who are VERY SLIM who have the same problem/ challenge, one-- a Marine Vietnam Vet, and the other brother-- a Navy Vet. So... I am NOT going to let some jerk on-line try to beat me up by telling me that all my health problems would be over if I lost 100 pound yesterday! I will be dead--DOA on earth, when the good Lord calls me home to heaven with vim and vigor! If my Dad died at age 74, I can pretty much expect to leave planet earth about the same amount of years--- except that I expect for the Lord Jesus Christ to come long before then... to carry out His promises that are very easy to read in the Bible. 'Don't get left Behind !' PTL [Praise the Lord].

Have Fun!


Veterans’ administration doing what they do best

June 28, 7:32 AM

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Houston has the highest number of backlogged claims in the entire United States what a wonderful distinction. Five or six Veterans Hospitals have been exposing probably thousands of veterans to HIV and other diseases due to not cleaning and not following directions of sterilization for the equipment. Specifically tools used to invade the human body and they are dirty and unwashed before being used on the next patient.

The news paper writes it with big letters as if we are supposed
to be surprised. Well I for one have had dealings with the VA as well as the hospital for the last forty years. Some of the things I have had to put up with are ridiculous. I do not want this to be about me but the reason for my expertise in Veterans affairs is due to the lifetime experiences I have had with the VA.

I returned from Vietnam an emotional wreck and I sought help and filed a claim for PTSD. I was denied and then denied again and again. Every time a veteran is denied he can do one of two things, he can drop it and not seek help or he can appeal. The VA is not unlike many insurance companies deny is the name of the game. After the first denial many veterans simply stop right there thinking well there must not be anything wrong with me. Many how ever appeal the denial, and thus the back log begins.

They wait and wait having appealed to the Board of Veterans Appeals, who is part of the VA. Since this is the first appeal they too are going to deny. Now you can appeal again but this time it is to the Court of Veterans Appeals.

The COVA are more sympathetic, and will usually remand back to the Board of veterans Appeals. Now please keep in mind that years are going by as these different steps are being followed by the, Veteran looking for his/her well deserved compensation. The BVA can still grant only a portion of the claim and there by send the Veteran on a new appeal which gets back in line with the infamous “back log”. The VA pretends that the back log is a monster created by the Veterans when in fact the VA is the creator of and the maintainer of the “back log”.

Also keep in mind that every day more and more Veterans are applying for Benefits for school or compensation and are denied for several times, or are approved at the lowest possible rating which makes the veteran appeal again. Meanwhile the back log is increasing to a number that becomes overwhelming to the VA employees trying to keep up. As long as the VA keeps the same mind set and keeps the same employees nothing is going to change. Einstein said it best when he said “insanity is when some one keeps doing the same thing over and over again and is expecting different results”.


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