Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Song: Born-again American.

Tom's Journal.

This is a beautiful new song/ Video. Enjoy !!!

I get high anxiety when ever I have to go to the Milwaukee VA but I know that some other VA hospitals are much worse from talking to other Vets I know. My blood work [and NP] says that I am showing a trend of going down hill/ worse slightly, although it's not critical. The older lady who did the blood/ needle stick had any easy time finding a good vein in my right arm, but when she asked me to answer a 'questionnaire' I knew immediately 'what it was' and a red flag that went up in my head told me not to continue, so I politely refused to continue, and she said I didn't have to. Otherwise I get along pretty good with the staff and treat them with respect-- but I will NOT tolerate any abuse from them either. Cindy Scheurell, NP, I am sure, meant well and wants to help me, but she leans towards invasive surgery/ procedures... and I keep thinking about all the recent BIG MISTAKES that VA doctors do to our Veterans, like cutting off the wrong body part, anatomy, etc., and my close friends who have had those 'procedures' inform and warm me too. I told her today that she has indeed helped me by showing me different options I have and where to go and who to call. I will discuss them with my wife, evaluate them, and keep them in mind-- but I want to try my Herbal remedies and diet FIRST instead of letting the VA cut me, or give me 'bionic' knees, etc. Maybe Cindy S has a feeling that VA procedures may change for the worse if Obama's 'new health care thing' goes thru, and then we Vets won't have as many options in the near future. Too bad Congress can't enjoy the wonderful care and treatment of the VA system like us! There is still a long waiting period for many Vets who need immediate attention and medicine NOW!

When I tried patiently and respectfully to explain a Christian's view of Death and Heaven, she had the look of a German Shepard staring into a fan-- no offense intended. She is one to the 'good' health care givers I have met in my 30 years of dealing with the VA system, and I respect her for trying hard to help all her patients.

My wife told me that I broke my 2nd toe on my left foot when taking a shower the other day and a large bottle of shampoo dropped on my toes.... LOL. Oh well....
Since the horrific open heart surgery in March, my wife has become more disabled/ incapacitated from heart and lung challenges-- she can't/ doesn't cook regular balanced meals so much and I admit that I eat the wrong foods-- but I do cook and grill a lot outside and she likes that. And then the VA 'Dentists' pulled out too many teeth, IMHO, to make room for a lower partial that DIDN'T work, etc., so then Ihad to wait for 2 more years to get Titanium implants. So I have some trouble chewing my food too-- otherwise I would be eating many great raw vegetables that I always enjoyed. I take my wife out to eat once or twice a week and buy lots of fresh fruit---
and now we just harvested our first fruits of ZUCCHINI today!! They had been 'hiding' and growing in 'secret' --and now I will roast them on the grill next to some beef steaks, etc. And when our tomatoes get ripe things will change for the better- diet wise. Woo Woo! I just LOVE fresh, home grown, ORGANIC tomatoes and I don't get sick of them, and use them in many dishes and salads. I suppose that some goofy reader will find fault in tomatoes because they are in the 'Nightshade family.'

Since the jib crane in my Ram pick up truck is busted [gear box -stripped- kaput], I used the manual ramps to load my power scooter-- Golden Avenger-- in the '05 Dodge Caravan to get to the VA today, and I barely had enough power/ charge in the scooter to gets things done, but it worked well. The Milwaukee VA parking lot was so over crowded and full, because there is much construction now to build another wing for critical spinal cord injuries, etc, and then a parking structure-- so there are so few parking places left and very chaotic with long lines of cars continually looking for some place to park!! Having been in both concrete and welding construction, I KNOW that it will be a few years before things get better there-- and I will prob 'not be around...' lol.

So I got home stressed out from arguing and dealing with people at the VA, fighting the goofy traffic/ grid lock and watching the cops pull over speeders-- but the lunch/ food was fairly good at the VA Canteen/ Mess Hall. I won't go into it-- but there is a great "demand" there for good fried chicken... Ha! Personally, I like the beef stew. I had to Fast from 8PM last night until the blood draw at 11AM, so after that I had to wait for 2 hours to see my Nurse Practitioner, Cindy, so I indulged myself at the Canteen. I was impressed at how other disabled Veterans helped me in many ways, assisting me, where as a ghetto kitchen staff worker was rude and reached OVER my arms as I was trying to get some beans on my plate, and I 'called her on her bad manners' in public. Ever since obama squeezed into the WH, 'certain people' in big cities have become very rude, uppity, and overbearing, like they now have the right to encroach upon the Caucasians' personal rights and dignity.... Ha! Just more 'planet of the apes' baloney. And we can expect the world to be 'upside down' now.
On the other hand, the fine carved scripture in walnut [Phil. 1:21] I hung on the back of my power scooter attracted a few nice comments that led to some spiritual, encouraging discussion-- and that's exactly why I put it there!

For many minorities in big cities like Milwaukee they already HAVE THEIR MESSIAH who is now in the WH, fast sinking America with every type of new wicked, unfair and stupid Bill and Law to tear down and shred our great U.S. Constitution, IMHO. But that is just my personal observation and opinion... which I wil prob get killed or murdered for.

So, tomorrow it may rain and that might cover up the total solar eclipse at about 10AM. I have a few chores to do and figure out a way to charge my scooter by removing the seat and going directly to the batteries-- I hope. So that is reason to be happy and joyful.

Take Care.


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