Monday, July 6, 2009

Tortured for Christ.

Tom's Journal.

TORTURED for CHRIST ~ by Richard Wurmbrand, Founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, is knocking me for a loop lately as I sat on the picnic table in our back yard this afternoon for 3 hours getting some Sun rays and my Vitamin "D" with the hound dog laying in the shade. I was convicted but also could identify with that saint who was imprisoned and tortured for Christ, first by the Germans in WW-2,and then he said the Russian Communists were even more brutal. No-- I was not jailed nor tortured but the author taught me some powerful things about HIS PTSD that correlated to my own brand of combat PTSD, that's all. Because of my heath concerns and heart-- I know that I would not last long in prison, and that would [or will] be a blessing from God. Our Lord in Heaven allows many of His Saints to endure-- also a few to survive to tell the world what is going on in Gulag and persecuted pagan countries who refuse to know God. The Christian church in the USA is just starting to see some persecution in mild form-- but all could change with just the stroke of a pen in the WH... and now Rick Warren wants to water down the Gospel message --big time! I can see that he is 'enjoying life' $$$ and popularity too these days.. LOL, as he buddies up to Obama.

I am telling you all about this because I was cut to the heart just reading about the tamer portions of our Christian Brothers and Sisters who suffer horrible beatings and torture for Christ, while we Americans in the West have it so much better [yet they pray for US as we are greatly tempted with immorality and riches/ compromise!]. Like I said before: Christian missionaries come to the USA [from China, etc] to preach and teach US who wallow in self pity, fat, lazy, laid back and weighed down with all sorts of baloney and trivial things!! I may be "beating a dead horse" when I keep telling you all about how combat Vets' experiences give them a whole different outlook on life and death issues and how they perceive the more important issues and contingencies as they can compare REAL abstract poverty in 3rd world/ war torn nations compared to fast jets, $20K cars, trucks, A/C and plenty to eat in the USA. Is America ready for a severe "Culture Shock" and eating rice and beans 6 days a week, losing their possessions, etc ?? Hey! I love my comfort zone too, even as I worked hard all my life to get to where I am now...

There is such a difference in 'churches' even where I live in Wisconsin [and I have been to churches all over the world, Europe and Asia]. For some reason I enjoyed a more regimented, conservative, structured type of worship even from childhood, but even the Baptists vary greatly from one church to another [no offense intended-- I love them]. I like the old style Hymns that are more scriptural with more meaning than the modern so-called, 'Jesus Rock.' I sure remember 'visiting' a close friend's Baptist Tab. place in Kenosha, WI, that had great modern music, but that church had "Purpose Driven Church" banners all throughout that church and even studied [as a congregation] Rick Warren's book, "Purpose Driven Life" !! The place had no A/C in the high Summer heat--and smelled like a high school locker room, dirty, and I got the idea/ notion that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was 'dumbed down' and watered down, sorry to say. That was the first red flag that went up in my head, after I came down to earth from the cool, music [and I love good worship music!!]. That's my personal opinion. There were other things about that place that I am not at liberty to write in-fighting, but it's mostly the Rick Warren issue that surprised me, and how that church defended it. On the other hand, I enjoyed all the preaching, etc., at Victory B.C. and miss those fine people a lot. I am sure that I will lose a few 'followers/ readers' for posting this observation, but our 'bible trained conscience' has to be kept SHARP enough to cut thru the subtle machinations and snares of the devil, IMHO.

Finally, Christian Pastors and Bible teachers are held in high account to preach the correct, true, un-watered down, un-diluted, un-adulterated Gospel of Jesus Christ, even when it is not popular, convenient or 'entertaining.' God has not changed and God cannot tell a lie. Guess what?! I get very tired of this constant struggle and fight against the dark powers of Satan's organizations too, but I am afraid to drop my guard even for one minute! Every time I do that-- I get punched in the nose-- or worse. Richard Wurmbrand, spoke before the U.S. Congress and took of his shirt to show the scars of atheistic Communist torture and imprisonment, and it most certainly goes on RIGHT NOW, EVERY DAY IN THE WORLD! Pray and help these Christians -- if you dare/ if you can.

The devil is doing a terrific job of constricting our lives right now with the tough economy that is being manipulated by humans at the top-- on purpose, just like a pressure cooker. Ignorant people are putting their trust in the wrong 'messiah' who is leading them like a piped piper to their destruction. More so-called Christian churches are caving in--even supporting the "piped piper" in the WH, weather he is the 'anti-Christ' or not, so the prophecy of: "strike the Shepard-- and the sheep will scatter" is coming true. I urge my friends in Christ to hunker down, pray harder, get closer to Jesus by studying, memorizing the Word-- the bible while we still have it. 'Every soul won for Christ must be made to be a soul-winner.' Remember that this book, TORTURED for CHRIST is considered to be the 'Survival Guide' for the near future when the West and the USA finally lose their most important freedoms of Speech, right to Bear Arms and Worship! If you thought you needed to get one thing right in your life-- this is it, dear friends, brothers and sisters.

Thank you.

Tom Schuckman


Carolyn said...

AMEN TOM! AMEN!!!!!! I haven't read his book, but have heard all about him from VOM. He is an amazing example of how God works all things together for His Good- and Blesses so many others through these folks' sufferings and struggles. God Bless you Tom, and thank you for lifting up our persecuted (tortured) brothers and sisters. It is sad how many christians have no clue of what REAL suffering is going on around the world. These people are a blessing to the rest of us, and I am blessed to be able to pray for them. It's a pitiful small thing, but I know our prayers avail much! God Bless you TOm!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Deb, from Kenosha,WI said: WOW! Tom Tom- you are a preacher if I ever saw one! And I say this w/ deep regard, respect, friendship and love for you! You know that I was born and raised a Catholic and was never taught anything about the Bible or Jesus Christ Our Lord. I learned that when I came to know Him. But Tom- I just want you to know- I have learned and realized more about the Lord and the Word thru YOU than I have from any pastor of any church ( and I know a few;) that I have ever attended or belonged to. So this is just a "thank you, Tom". So what's shakin' in UG? We were on "vacation" last week and had a very nice relaxing time- mostly close to home! Now back to work this week and man oh man- I wish I could retire! But the way things look- that may never happen. The weekend and even today were beautiful, sunny days. You must be getting tan! We are too. Sounds like Sharon is on the mend still- I pray it continues. Take care old bear;)

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