Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watch the Sun and Moon on July 22nd.

Tom's Journal.

jonny cash i wont back down

I feel like I 'need' to do something constructive today and the Summer days are not very HOT temperature-wise this year... so much for the "global warming joke" that is just another ploy to steal more of the working man's cash and income. In fact, this may be the coolest WI July on record! I don't care for the 99 degree hot, sweaty, humid weather that I used to work in at AMC/ Chrysler all cooped up in the noxious, poison for the past 30 years-- even though I thank God for a good paying job. But I certainly enjoy sitting outside getting a nice sun tan that I think looks good on me.

I am getting back into carving Walnut wood "Clinging Crosses" again and sometime use expensive Cherry wood too. Oak is very hard to carve with a 'mind of it's own' and a 'soft wood' just would not stand up and be sturdy. First I select a good piece of wood, trace out the design with pencil lightly, saber saw it out. Then I use a rotary tool to shape and partially sand it smooth, then use the 'mouse sander' to smooth it and 'soften', brake all hard edges and spurs. Then I usually carve something, like a scripture or cross within a cross and then polyurethane it a few times. It might take me about a hour and a half to turn something like this out, and then I am full of fine sawdust, even in my lungs...LOL. But it's one of my many hobbies that I never made much money from-- but got great satisfaction when I gave a few away to a select few people to watch them smile with gratification and thanks.

One person recently emailed me and asked me to stop sending him alerts on my blog posts [I think his name was Paul], and the lame reason he gave me was: 'he didn't know me that well to be reading all about my personal thoughts...' Ha!.. Hey, I wouldn't want to force some mealy mouth jelly fish read my posts if he was so delicate and tame anyway! Ain't no big deal-- just delete me, or ask me stop emailing YOU! The effeminate school system has already done a great job of castrating the males in our society!

I certainly believe
that God wants us to be happy [but not], fun loving, active free moral agents! But as we all know, our country has changed over night into one where hard,smart, productive work is now shunned and the Nanny, Welfare State in now in vogue. The middle man is out and there is just two classes of people, RICH and POOR! The rich will probably be the top 5% who control and herd the lower 95% of poor. It will prob look like a 'Planet of the Apes' movie-- but most people on earth have disregarded what the Bible plainly says about the Lord Jesus Christ coming back and 'setting things right.' It cannot happen any other way-- and there is NO OTHER SCENARIO POSSIBLE ! So right now many rich people or folks who's main goal in life is to party hardy and accumulate as many toys possible before they die-- look upon the conservative Christian in astonishment and sneer, 'why are THOSE Christian so peculiar??' 'Don't they know how to have a good time?' Answer: 'Yes, we certainly know how to have a so-called good time, but we found out that we were not really happy living outside of God's wise BOOK of common sense, but now we know what true happiness is-- following Christ!'

Well, it's going to be another busy week starting tomorrow, with VA doc's visit in Milwaukee, and trying to get our power scooters fixed, again. Now I am thinking about an ATV... lol, just for the Fair.
Watch the sun and moon in July 22nd.


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Honolulu Dick said...

Aloha DoorGunner.

On the 22nd, try-out what I have done in the past and will do again this time. Remove the darkened lens from your welding helmet and use it to look at the eclipse. Proceed slowly to be assured that your lens is dark enough to protect your eyesight. Welding lenses come in different grades of protection [darkness].

Being in North America, you may have the full effect the moon blocking-out the sun and for its 6-min duration. Out here, in the middle of the Pacific, we will see only a partial eclipse. Such is the price we pay for living in Paradise. [LMAO]

Take good care ---------------


Honolulu Dick