Monday, September 14, 2009

Bullies and Abuse.

Tom's Journal.

I was just reading JIMMY'S JOURNAL about some hazards of shopping in a crowded grocery store, and that perked my mind about my own experiences in a power scooter.
My wife was disabled when I met her and she told me about the laws on the books, ADA [THE AMERICAN DISABILITIES ACT] and the routinely rude, condescending behavior or many people who are NOT disabled ... yet. I am a big man, 6 ft tall, a power lifter for the past 30 years, and you all know about my combat/ Army exploits... but now over weight and pained with a bad back and arthritic knees that the VA wants to change into 'bionic.' But a year ago I broke down and bought a great, strong, powerful power scooter, the Golden Avenger that really helps keep me mobile and 'normal' by increasing my quality of life.

But I didn't realize how true my wife's words were when she told me about abuse, rudeness and discrimination toward those Americans who are disabled in one way or another. For some reason, even though I try to be civil, kind and courteous, my looks intimidate other people when I am on my feet, and I usually wear something that signifies me as a combat Vietnam Veteran. I need to buy another horn for my power scooter to alert people standing in front of me when I am carefully, normally wheeling down an aisle at some store. I say the words, "Hello, Good Morning, Hey-- how are you doing?... etc. to move their big, slack, goofy, brain dead, over medicated bodies out of the way. Children nowdays run wild and step out right in front of me, scream and shout. Maybe they just expect to see other humans at eye level, or think they are some how superior, or they have a mean streak in them that likes to persecute/ abuse lest fortunate humans with disabilities and injuries. The fact is, I can still stand up, walk and snap a bone if I really had to... lol, or run them over and break their shins or ankles... lol ! OK, I am JUST KIDDING....!

I have challenged a few people [EVEN AT CHURCH -- AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN!!] who just would not move or get the message, but they never gave me too much of a problem. Walk a mile in the other guy's shoes to see what it is like. I want to be civil, but I won't be pushed around either. And what about when a person NEEDS to get to the rest room in a hurry? What really comes to mind is that sad fact that there is a 'dark side' in most humans that wants to seize the opportunity to pick on/ abuse/ inflict fear in a weaker human [and animals too]. I usually did just the opposite-- pick on the bully and defend the weak! "Hey, buddy, if you are 'the man' ... let's play the man's game, right here and now." To be fair, MOST of the people I meet try hard to show respect and help me when I am in my power scooter, and I thank them kindly and give them a pocket Bible if I have an extra. And many old, disabled Veterans who are in pain, look at my easy access in a fast power chair/ scooter with envy as they are forced to walk long distances at the VA Hospital, etc. I feel so sorry for them, but my scooter only holds one person. And isn't it a sin how the goofy VA evaluated me but then gave me a CANE, instead of the cheap power scooter I requested! So I bought a good model with my own money. Sharon helped me with a lot of paper work and contributed know how.

I am so tired of this dog eat dog world, the power hungry bullies of the world [and in most every town, city, or village, it seems] who will ALWAYS take advantage of the less fortunate, cripples, weaker vessels ! I remember working at places like AMC/ Chrysler, and many construction, welding shops, factories, where there was always some smart ass bully who loved to intimidate the weaker folks-- but when they saw me, they backed down in a hurry. I loved to help the honest, hard working people and share some of my lunch with them at work and made many friends.

Right now, we still have some big bullies who want to take over the world and divide it into two classes-- the very rich and well connected-- and the slaves who serve them. I think that the favorite nasty nest of these bullies, vermin, is Washington, DC-- the WH and Congress ! Shame on them! Shame on every other administration with the same evil intentions! Close friends have given me good books to help me keep my eyes and heart on Jesus Christ and the Bible-- but it's still a struggle for me to watch the constant animal-like brutality of bullies in the world with their arrogant attitude set against God Almighty, His servants/ followers, and His holy Word. I guess this is one of my personality flaws/ demons that I will have to work hard against until the Lord comes back. I do, however, know that I will defend my family, wife and home against any and all aggressors, with hammer and blade-- to the death, for that is my duty as a husband and father. God does not like cowards. I have a working, well made replica of the old Germanic 'War Hammer', that was used to take down a horseman and 'open his armor' - and dispatch him to the next world. I also consider myself a 'near expert' with edged weapons, etc. They are hobbies and skills-- and tools of an 'Old Soldier Tom'.

My friend, Steve B., is home again and doing better, says his wife. They thank us all for the prayers.

Tom Schuckman


garnett109 said...

Tom , Great Post

Lisa said...

It's sad to hear how rude & inconsiderate people can be to the disabled. I rarely encounter disabled people in my travels but I am not the kind of person who would be rude to them. We rented one of our buildings to a rehab center for brain trauma patients and it was so sad to see these folks trying to get around. I don't see how anyone could have been cruel to them. Take good care.