Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Stumbling block for the Beast?

Tom's Journal.

As far as I am concerned, this makes all the sense in the world! Woo Woo! I thought that there was 'something missing in the equation...' If the Anti-Christ is coming from a small European country or has control of the EU, that could just be the lynch pin to kick off the "Game." I am very excited now-- even as we Americans are so cowardly [or stupid] as to let obama and the Dims steal ALL our Freedoms. Surely there are other Americans out there who have the guts to stand up, fight, vote and challenge the 'leadership' to do the right moral thing. Instead, obama tells the Gay convention today that he will continue to fight for THEM and sign pro-Gay laws soon!! I'm sick.... Talk about Sodom and Gomorrah...

I just bought two fine books from Barns and Noble: FREEDOM FROM FEAR -- by Neil T. Anderson and Rich Miller. And the book, HEAVEN -- by Randy Alcorn. I am reading one while my wife reads the other. I have learned a few good points already from the 'Fear' book that is pure logic from the Scriptures. I highly recommend this book for those of us with past and present challenges with PTSD, panic attacks, phobias, and high anxiety. It is easy to read too.

It was a sunny but cool day in WI but we both decided to lay low and rest up. The air temp right now is: 31 degrees F. ! I got a feeling that Winter is right around the corner and it will be very cold and snowy here in the upper Mid West.

I am thinking that next in the world scene, America will have a huge cash money/ credit bubble burst with our dollar reduced in value BIG TIME, and then that circumstance [which I believe was purposely maneuvered and man made by obama and his bums...] will precipitate a terrible "CHOICE" where the Gov't will offer us a 'deal' that will enslave us forever. Everything is 'according to Hoyle' and most real Christians are tuned in and in the Know expecting this to happen. And I am reading a book like, FREEDOM FROM FEAR.... lol. I guess that many of us are pretty tired of waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ to slam His Hammer down and crush our enemies -- but 'His Will be done'-- not ours. If, in deed, there are thousands of conversions from Islam right now to the pure worship of the God in the Bible, everything [obviously] is happening for a reason. And go figure that people like ME ONLY KNEW THE LORD a few years ago and I would have been in hell for sure if God decided to end things ten years ago. I ponder this often, and am so thankful. We have to consider that God is so merciful that He must get all his children into the fold before the fire works start. Praise the Lord!
I also figure that most of us will be poor $$$ in the end too because of world conditions and the devil led nations and "leaders." Some of us older, disabled ones may die sooner because of messed up "obama-care"... lol, but I figure in my case, that will be just fine. I have had a very full, productive life, and have endeavored to serve my Master by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide with the written word, mouth, and my on-line Journal. God will use me as He sees fit.

My dear wife was taking a shower while I was watching TV or reading in the front room and she slipped and fell and broke a rib, she thinks. I told her many times to wear the whistle around her neck to summon me in any emergency, and keep her cell phone with her at all times! Last Sunday she was sick and I just could not leave her alone so we both stayed home from church. I wish she would take me seriously when I try to help her protect herself. I am only looking out for HER welfare. That gives me more worry and upset stomach. I don't mind be her care taker-- but I feel like a baby sitter always reminding her to turn off the oven, don't trip, don't fall down, ask me for assistance/ help getting things, use her cane and oxygen, etc, etc, etc. Any suggestions? I don't expect things to ever get better-- so I am resigned to just grin and bare it... for that is my lot in life and my duty as a husband.
I ask for your prayers.
Thank you.


A Stumbling Block for the Beast?

Posted: 10 Oct 2009 10:02 AM PDT

By Michael G. MickeyThe significance of Ireland's recent signing of the EU's Lisbon Treaty continues to be a top story in terms of prophetic significance, potentially paving the way for the creation of two powerful new positions in the revived Roman empire of bible prophecy, the positions of president (formally titled the President of the European Council) and EU Foreign Minister (formally titled

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