Friday, October 23, 2009

The Superclass.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends and Readers,
THIS article ought to be the BIG WAKE UP CALL to show people in the USA and world just what real Christians are up against. Forget about political parties fighting like junk yard dogs over small scraps of meat! Most of our leaders, Captains of Industry, Gov't power brokers, king makes and rich people are in this exclusive "Club" that is pushing, manipulating things so that the ONE WORLD GOV'T happens/ gets launched soon! Please take the time to read the whole interesting article and especially the last two paragraphs. The common, hard working people don't have a chance to change things, IMHO, even as we try hard -- but they do have a PRAYER! All these hurtful things will be rectified in God's own due time... and not a moment too soon, because He does not want any 'good' Gospel- believing humans to be "Left Behind." That in my humble opinion, is the ONLY reason why the Lord Jesus has not struck the sea of mankind yet.

As I have said many times, and my Christian friends too, We try to make an educated guess in voting for the "RIGHT" person to govern our country and vote for good laws and contribute to worth while Christian orgs to help our brothers and sisters in the Lord, world wide. But deep down inside we can't help but "see" what is really happening behind closed doors. It reminds my of ancient Sodom where Lot could not even find 10 good men out of the whole city to spare that wicked city of Sodom. Saving a few cans of beans, batteries and distilled water in my home is almost laughable-- as I know that my ONLY real salvation rests with the Lord Jesus Christ, my personal Saviour.
I wish that people of the same thoughts and beliefs would comment or contact me with their personal views so I can compare notes.

Have a great rainy day-- and I had the oil changed, etc., in my '07 Ram 4 by 4 today! Woo Woo!

October 23, 2009

'The Superclass'

Al Cronkrite / The Covenant News:
"What Big Teeth You Have! All The Better To Eat You With": YouTube has a video of David Rothkopf speaking a few months ago about his book, "The Superclass" at Middlebury College in Vermont. . . . His thesis is that the progress of world government is an outgrowth of the self-interests of thousands of key executives in Politics, business, and finance. A "Newsweek" article published his list of key players.

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