Monday, October 5, 2009

Think Before you get that next Shot in the Arm.

Tom's Journal.

<<< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 102);">Now just think logically, with an educated mind, with all the facts available.... DO YOU REALLY TRUST THE GOV'T WITH YOUR HEALTH?? I think it's safe to say that our great Gov't has systematically used the military and civilian population as Guinea pigs for a long time. I had dozens of shots in the Army and nothing bad happened to me, to the best of my knowledge, but I personally knew a few guys who had nasty reactions from various injections. Our Gov't was not above 'experimenting' with Syphilis on the Black pop. during the WW-1 era, etc. Were we really surprised to hear about the 'Gulf War syndrome/ sickness ?' Never mine bullets and bombs from the enemy-- America loves to kill it's own soldiers with Agent Orange and other goodies. And then has the audacity to tell us, 'Oh, it's all in your head...' That's what really pissed me off-- how the Gov't is so good at burying the truth so well and allowing the Veteran and his affected family members suffer, fall into poverty and die from poisons dropped/ applied/ injected-- and then lying about it. Even NOW, Veterans are still being jerked around and denied benefits, support and DISABILITY PAYMENTS-- just long enough so that the poor Veteran DIES, and that ends the matter so that the gov't doesn't have to spend their precious money to care for the soldier. Then they can give the money to illegal aliens who never contributed to Social Security! What a sham. What a sorry shame and disgrace!

Please take the time to read the entire article and save yourself a lot of potential pain, suffering and misery. My wife and I are too educated and well informed to take the H1N1 Flu Shot. I only ask that you all weigh the evidence before you make a decision. You STILL have that freedom -- I think.

I want to thank the last commenter [in my last post] for providing all the facts and info regarding 'False Prophets' in these 'last end time days.' The Bible clearly warns us about false prophets misleading people away from the truth of the Bible-- God's own Word. When a human being claims to have a direct 'channel' to God -- who is getting special information or 'gifts of prophecy' -- you have to really BEWARE! Thank you, friend!


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Lisa said...

Holy Cow Tom ~ you were one big dude!!! It is sad how the vets are treated. Someone close to our family is going through a bad time with the VA, it's really sad to watch.