Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Democrates in Ancient Rome.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Here is a pic of Sharon and our guardian angel, 'Deuce' the Rottweiler, at home.

"For this world in it's present form is passing away." 1 Cor. 7:29-31. The grim and truthful reality is that, 'there can not/ nor will be anyway that our earth will be transformed into a 'heaven on earth' by the hands of man -- is a firm reminder that only God can make such things come true.... and that all the false prophets, liars, hucksters, misled 'churches' or government heavy weights/ slick politicians are full of themselves-- big silver tongued deceivers that they are.
The following article that i found interesting was also a History lesson that had to be told to support the back ground for which the concluding argument was laid [on a solid foundation]. This sure helped me to 'separate the wheat from the chaff' and strengthen me once again.

The money and resources that I [we] throw away on stupid stuff could be better used to help persecuted Christians in foreign lands and also help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the USA more effectively as the days get short-- and / or the Gov't clamps down on our freedoms very soon. This sure gives us the proper prospective of what our priorities should be right now in our national/ worldly financial situation in 2009---- and 2010! What is happening RIGHT NOW [2009] in the world is the same thing that happened in the year 33 AD when Jesus was crucified!! I found it very interesting, even with the short history lesson of what when on in ancient Rome. They must have had Democrates messing things up, financially, too ... LOL!

Tell me what you think when you are done reading, please. I love your comments and emails.

Wow! I was so happy that my good buddy, Marvin came over today to check out the furnace and hot water heater this morning! Everything looks OK, and we all went out to a favorite spot for a prime rib sandwich. Then Sharon bought some material, etc., to fix my warm shirts and Velcro, and then we came back home to relax. PTL. Sharon has 2 more doctors' appointments tomorrow, and then she will make some of her famous fried chicken for our dinner at home.


Jesus, World Crisis & Prophecy: Connected?

Posted: 03 Nov 2009 10:28 AM PST

By Wilfred HahnPeople often ask whether the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has any special prophetic significance. Or, could it possibly represent the start or near approach of the Tribulation? Starting with the first question, the answer is mixed — “yes” and “no.” In short, no, the current GFC is not specifically mentioned in Bible prophecy. However, yes, it is significant in the sense that it is

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Carolyn said...

I read some of that article the other day Tom. I do like and agree with a lot of what Mr. Hahn says, but to tell the truth, his articles are a little too long most times for me to thouroghly read them. :-0 I do agree though that our current economic situation while not yet being a sure sign of tribulation time, it is setting the world up for global currancy and eventually to the mark of the beast where no one will be able to buy or sell without it. I think sometimes that these things are preparing as well for those who will miss out on the Rapture- to learn to get along with what they have, and to learn new ways of surviving with little. Some day after the trib begins, there will be so many who realize (too late) that they missed their first chance, and who will believe on Jesus at last. Those are the ones who will be needing what they can learn NOW. If that makes any sense. God Bless you Tom! Hope all goes well with Sharon tomorrow with the docs. BTW, if interested, I have a good recipe for chicken that is baked, not fried which tastes as good as fried, but without so much grease :-) if you want it let me know!