Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nice Week End.

Tom's Journal.

|One of my fav. songs: The Doobie Brothers: What A Fool Believes: 1979

My fault again-- over slept and missed the Church Bible Study this morning, but beat myself to make the following Worship service at Union Grove Baptist church which is about one mile from my humble hovel in the boon docks of S.E. WI. After asking me they announced that my wife was sick and prayed for her-- and that was nice. I enjoy the sermons, singing, worship and fellowship there, and they treat me with respect-- many people my age. I felt like someone beat me up with a crow bar this morning, lol, but I figured that getting dressed was half the effort, and once I got warmed up and the meds kicked in, things would be tolerable-- and I sure needed to be with others of like Faith-- and by that I mean true, biblical Christians, and be part of something bigger than myself.

Well, then after ward I went straight to see my wife again about noon and told her the latest news, and she shared her news with me. Someone must have 'corrected' that nasty RN, Kim, and she sat down with Sharon to chat and made nice. Sharon's kids and grand kids came earlier this morning to see her before they went back to Ohio, and Sharon was very happy and appreciative that they made the 8 1/2 hour drive to see us. Sharon is groggy and tired all the time and I figure it's because of the medicine the staff gives her all the time. Seems like the staff of doctors and nurses check in on her every 15 minutes. I ate one of the carrots I bought her to cure my empty stomach, and I thought.... this tastes good and I should be eating these more often! Rabbit food, right? But I'd rather eat the rabbit!

Well, no matter what happens to Sharon-- how much longer she stays in the hospital, I will be very busy for the rest of the month, especially if I have to really serve on Jury Duty, as summoned. I am so glad that gasoline is still relatively cheap. Things are starting to 'slip my mind' even though I try to write things down, notes, and on calendar. I enjoy my peace and harmony-- time to myself-- time to think and figure things out-- ponder on stuff and study the bible and related stuff more often.... now that I am home alone. But I did rely on my wife to remind me of appointments, and important things to do. Still, I am surprised at how fast I reverted to my old, survival, independent "singleness" and caring for myself. One thing for certain, I cannot be as fat as I am if I have to take care of myself. I always seem to lose weight and eat less, live more simple when I am alone. I also save tons of money too....Ha! I don't mess up the house much because I know that I have to clean it, besides my VA cleaning lady, but I am really a tidy, clean person, and I like organization and hate to stumble on things in my path. And Hey! I caught the darn dog in MY BED today and ran his ass off and out! Sometimes he thinks he is a human being and gets to big for his britches.

My Dad was right about one thing... don't even bother talking, advising younger people in their 20's, etc. They always seem to know better and mostly have to learn the hard way. AS I explained to Sharon's kids, in my old Finance/ Securities business, people ae not ready to learn about taking a chance in investments and learning a new skill/ occupation-- because they have not been SCREWED BY SOCIETY/ REALITY YET ! Of course right now in 2009, we are much closer to the Lord's return and the advent of super hard economic times--- and 'you ain't seen nothin' yet !'
But I am not going to preach tonight. I just hope all my friends and readers have a good night's sleep. BTW, the price of Garlic is going up in China and prob. else where, as it is used much to fight infections, colds, flu, etc. I use herbs every day of my life, and that may be the smartest way to fight sickness and disease. Check out Colloidal Silver too, but that is very expensive. Stock up NOW!


Video: the Result of an Israeli missile on a Syrian tank.


Finally, Israel Gets It!

Posted: 28 Nov 2009 05:59 PM PST

By Joseph FarahFor more than five years, I have been conspicuously alone in pointing out the racist, anti-Jewish nature of policies that require the evacuation of Israelis from Gaza, Judea and Samaria and, more lately, the halts on building and repairing homes and businesses owned by Jews in Jerusalem.Finally, someone in Israel has figured this out and called the policies advocated by Barack

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Staci said...

Isn't that the truth about the twenty-something set? They know it all, can do it all, yadda yadda yadda. I think I might have been that way too, up to a point, but reality kicked in pretty early after the deaths of my parents. Since then, I'll take all the advice I can get!