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I was pleased to see/ hear that both Virginia and New Jersey have newly won Republican Governors! It's not so much that I love the GOP-- but that I can't stand the lying, corrupt Dims led by obama... lol.
Flash! According to smart people I know, our US economy will make good economic progress until December, and then things will TANK and go South, big time. What goes up-- must go down. And as I have proclaimed so many times, it's not my puny human time table, but God's, and we know things from studying His Word, the Bible.
The below attached web site that I contribute to when I have the money shows that many in the world are having their 'tribulation' right now and wish/ pray for God's Kingdom to come NOW-- ASAP-- Yesterday !! Christians are being hunted, harassed and abused in many parts of the world, and we are still relatively free in the USA... yet, but we are certainly seeing ourselves being mildly persecuted even now at home, by a distinct minority of monkeys in power.

I, and many of my friends believe that 'God DID shed His Grace on America' and make her great while we were, for the most part, obeying some of God's laws for the past 200 years. Io I just changed the 'signature block' on my email to reflect that: "God made a Covenant with ISRAEL, NOT America." And if there was divine protection in the past-- He will surely with hold it very soon for all our National sins of homosexuality, same sex marriage, perversions, abortions, corruption, teaching evolution and the wrong type of sex to our young kids in school, and greed! It is said that after the Rapture-- [Father] God will with hold His Holy Spirit from mankind, and that will make it very hard for people to get strength and encouragement.

Every time I post words like this on my Blog/ Journal, I have to examine my own self to see if I am doing the right things -- all I am able to do with my infirmities. And caring for my dear disabled spouse is becoming a full time job too, but it's my labor of love, and duty. I am sure that she would do the same for me, and she still helps me a lot. Her breathing becomes more labored all the time and it stresses me out and worries me always. It is also very possible that 'obama-care' might charge a co-pay or make it hard to have DME [durable medical equiptment] like the daily supply of Oxygen for Sharon, etc.
Hey, we didn't figure that we would live on earth forever anyway-- but we would like to collect some of the Social Security money that we paid in all our lives instead of watching it go to so-called 'poor people' who snuck in under the fence illegally-- or distributed to 3rd world nations for free abortions.
Hey! I can't wait to hear the spin that the WH puts on the elections that went down today/ tonight...Ha!

Well, it's been a very busy, active and productive day for me and I hope to sleep like a rock, or a fat old bear in Winter.


Open Doors Frontine Update

FREE TO BELIEVE UPDATE: This fall, the Defamation of Religions Resolution will likely again be presented to the UN General Assembly. This resolution severely limits freedom of religion and expression, and legitimatizes Christian persecution in Islamic countries. Therefore, Open Doors has launched the Free to Believe campaign, which urges key members of the UN to vote against the resolution. Thank you to those who signed the petition to tell the UN members, “NO to suppression of religious freedom.” We are pleased to report that over 5,000 people have taken action in the fight to preserve religious freedom worldwide. Open Doors President, Carl Moeller, and the Advocacy Team were in New York City last week. They met with various country delegates, asking them to change their vote and oppose this resolution. Read article by Carl Moeller>>

COPTIC FAMILY FORCED TO SURRENDER WOMAN RESCUED IN EGYPT: State Security Investigations (SSI) forces in Egypt arrested, abused and then extorted money from a Coptic Christian for rescuing his daughter from her Muslim husband, who was holding her against her will in Alexandria, according to sources in Egypt. Full story>>

FLARE IN BJP-RUN MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA: Since the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in Madhya Pradesh in December 2003, Christians in the state have suffered increased attacks and concerted efforts to tarnish their image, church leaders said. Full Story>>

SECRETARY OF STATE CLINTON ASKED TO ADDRESS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM VIOLATIONS IN IRAN: The following letter regarding religious freedom violations in Iran was sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, October 13 by the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. Full Story>>

IMPRISONED CHRISTIAN IN SOMALILAND ON HUNGER STRIKE: A convert from Islam in Somalia’s self-declared state of Somaliland has staged a hunger strike to protest his transfer to a harsh prison in a remote part of the country. Full story>>


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Cathy said...

Yes, we here in NJ have the GOP in the halls of power now. I've noticed the global "Christian-haters" (which isn't to say religion) just the idea of a Son of God which is being held to the fire. Thanks for the interesting links. Wasn't so long ago Christians were assailed and persecuted just for existing. If you speak up or defend yourself it only gets worse. But IMHO why defend a personal spiritual belief, which just happens not to be Muslim? Which HAPPENS to proclaim the tenet that certain people believe in a single Creator, one perfect all-merciful Being we can never truly comprehend in this life but rely on faith - the evidence of things unseen - to know that such a power could exist and is part of our lives if we chose. This world needs healing, Tom. Good post.

Carolyn said...

Hi Tom, that was an excellent post again. If you don't mind my saying so- Tom, you've grown SO much in your writing since the AOL days. It's not that you didn't write well back then, but you just write so much more from the heart now and much more in Christ! Well done brother!
I have to agree too that America is not the one that is under the covanant. Perhaps that's why we need to remember that America is not in the Bible :-)

I also agree with Cathy in that the world needs healing, but that healing will someday only come when Christ brings in the new heaven and the new earth, it is only through the creator which true healing can come.
As for why bother defending a personal belief, one needs to ask any of those millions around the world which do it under threat of imprisonment or death every day. I will continue to defend my right to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior no matter what. Christ however does not need our defense- so it's not really a matter of defending ourselves. It is preaching the Word to the world which gets us in trouble, and for that too, I won't stop even if it ever meant prison, beatings or death. Jesus commands us to share Him with those who don't know Him. How will the world know who He REALLY is if we don't tell them? I pray I do not deny Him before anyone because of offending someone. If we do, He will deny us before the Father. He IS perfect and all merciful, but He is also a Righteous Judge. We don't have to stand in Judgement from Him however if we accept the Lamb who already paid our wages!
Anyway Tom, God Bless and thank you!!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Thank you, Cathy, and Carolyn, for your fine comments! Carolyn makes a great defense for the Truth of the bible and the knowledge, thereof that sets real BIBLICAL Christians free. Most people are just too lazy to read/ study it, and go off half cocked with their own miserable human "wisdom" and they may not with stand the fiery test that will soon be upon us! We must know and understand the pure, simple basics to know God! We must stand up and be ready to make a firm and knowledgeable defense for our Christian Faith and not be cowards.
Thank you!

Tom Schuckman